ISIS are the initials of Islamist State in Iraq and Sham (Levant) and is in short, a ‘mini-Israel’ due to the extreme very obvious similarities between the two organizations. ‘ISIS’ is used to be the name of the terrorists organization created and nourished under the gentle care of the USA’s CIA, the Central Ignorants Agency in US and UK occupied Iraq.

ISIS and Israel are both created by a western power or both western powers UK and USA. Both like to use the word ‘state’ in their name: State of Israel and Islamist State in Iraq and Sham, as both lack the essential requirements of being a state like geography, history of governance and established communities or even civilization and need to insert the word ‘state’ in their name to give an impression of legitimacy.

ISIS and Israel are combinations of illegally imported foreign settlers into a land of others intimidating the local real owners of the land to flee away and far due to the terrorist acts by either one of the two. ISIS and Israel both use a twisted version of a mainstream religion, the first distorts and abuse the image of Islam and use Wahhabism as the base for their doctrine and the second distorts and abuse the image of Judaism and use Zionism as the base of their doctrine.

ISIS and Israel killed and attacked indiscriminately civilians, armed forces and anyone who refuses their doctrine. Both have abundant finance from wealthy partners and patronages, both steal the riches of the lands they settle in and both are rejected by the majority of the world.

Both entities ISIS and Israel receive state of the art weapons from their patrons.

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