Egypt: Security Forces Arrest Muslim Brotherhood Leader Badie

Egypt: The Sphinx at Giza.
Egypt: The Sphinx at Giza.

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie arrested by Egyptian security forces.

The security forces in the Egyptian capital Cairo have arrested a high-ranking leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in the district of Nasr City in the northeast of Cairo. The Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie was arrested by the Egyptian security forces in Nasr City, Cairo.

The known leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, had already been charged with several indictments, including the inciting of the murder of protesters in Cairo in June this year.

The arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie was initially announced by the Egyptian state media yesterday. The final confirmation of the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie by Egyptian security forces in the capital Cairo was later published by the Egyptian Interior Ministry on the social network Facebook.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry published an image of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie from the time of his arrest on their Facebook page. The images showed the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie, flanked by two security guards in black body armour – sitting in a vehicle of the Egyptian security forces.

The posted information by the Egyptian Interior Ministry on their Facebook page said that the decisions of the public prosecutor to arrest the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie were carried out and that it has been possible for the criminal search apparatus under the direction of Cairo’s security forces by the collected information and observation of movements to finally arrest this leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in the capital of the North African country.

The older Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie (70) was due to appear in a court in Egyptians capital Cairo on August 25, together with two of his deputies from the Islamist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Egyptian prosecutor’s office in Cairo charged the leaders of the partly dangerous Muslim Brotherhood of inciting violence that resulted in the deaths of 55 members about a week after the military overthrow of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian army.

As mentioned, Mohamed Badie had already been charged with some indictments after the coup against the Egyptian President Morsi by the militarily leaders of the North African country, and this also includes the inciting of the murder of protesters in the Egyptian capital.

Egyptian Military
Egyptian Military

The Egyptian security forces in Cairo have located and arrested the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie near the Rabaa al-Adawiya square in the district of Nasr City. Mohamed Badie has never shown any signs to accept the loss of power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after the military overthrow of the Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. He is further guilty for wilfully inciting of protests with the aim to increase the level of violence in order to use such violent incidents as means of propaganda against the Egyptian military.

Some weeks ago, the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie described the overthrow of Egyptians President Mohamed Morsi (Mursi) as an act that was worse than the destruction of the Kaaba (one of Islam’s holiest shrines).

Mohamed Badie said the following:

“I swear by God that what [Gen. Abdel-Fattah] al-Sissi did in Egypt is more criminal than if he had carried an axe and demolished the holy Kaaba, stone by stone.”

However, what the Muslim Brotherhood has done to Egypt is not better.

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    • Hm. Any chance that he’ll get tossed in the slammer, too? If I’m not mistaken, MB’s actual headquarters is in London, is that right? and if so, what’s going on with any operations to take it down? Good job the last couple days, guy – – well, even better than usual.

      • I hope the Egyptian army will also catch him lol would be funny.. new head, next arrest and so on. I really dont like MB at all. They are dangerous and fanatics. Yeah, as far as I know they have a large “office” in London and there are many of them, as well as Salafis / Salafists.. and when I remember it correct.. there are about 3 MB “associations” in the United States

        • Hm. Any chance you could fit in a profile of the London and US operations? I know that it wouldn’t fit, strictly, into the Syria specialty reportage, but MB is rather like CIA in my opinion; a wholly evil creature of Satan, and will never willingly limit its operations. If you’ve not the time, don’t worry about it – – your Syria coverage is more important. Are you getting any help these days, or are you still a one man band? Your English is getting better all the time :-)