Doctors Without Borders: Part of the War Propaganda against Syria?

MSF treats "patients" in the battle area in Syria
MSF treats "patients" in the battle area in Syria

Are “doctors” among the war propaganda against Syria?

No matter what article one has read of the newspapers in the West in recent days, all cite the same source for the claim that the government in Syria has used chemical weapons.

The following is mentioned everywhere: “The organization Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières / MSF) reported about 3600 injured and 355 dead as victims of an unknown nerve agent near Damascus.”

But who is this organization and who is behind it? Can one believe their statement? The media describe this organization (Doctors Without Borders) as “independent” – while this organization is anything but independent.

Their “evidence”, by which the West tries to justify its upcoming war of aggression against Syria, is no real evidence, because the guys of MSF (Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières) are not on site; the “evidence” is only hearsay.

Let’s see who mainly financially supports the so-called “Doctors Without Borders”. They are the financial criminals on Wall Street and the City of London, which control the foreign policy of the West and the guys who benefit from wars.

According to their own annual report of 2010, among the list of donors are the usual suspects like Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg and a number of other members of the military-industrial-financial complex. Among the Board of the MSF (Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières), there are also banksters such as Elizabeth Beshel Robinson of Goldman Sachs.

Do i need to say more? However, the organization “Doctors Without Borders” is not only not independent in financial terms – in regards of Syria, it is only active on one side. Indeed, only the medical facilities in the areas where the terrorists rage like berserk are in operation. There, they treat mainly the “fighters” who are delivered from the “front”.

So, one is able to say that “Doctors Without Borders” is virtually the hospital and the medical unit of the terrorist gangs in Syria. Apropos, they also treat civilians that are the victims of the terrorist attacks.

Stephen Conish has admitted in an interview with NPR how the work of this organization is carried out in Syria. Aid is only sent to the regions which are beyond the control of the Syrian government and is made available for the “Syrian rebels”.

This means that the organization, funded by the Wall Street, supports the criminal gangs in Syria, which are in turn financed and armed by the West in order to spread terror throughout the country. Among them are foreign mercenaries who are either directly or indirectly affiliated with al-Qaeda.

The website of MSF says:

“Over the past four months, MSF has been able to open four hospitals in northern Syria, in areas controlled by armed opposition groups.”

And further:

“Since the end of June 2012, our teams have treated more than 2,500 patients and carried out around 550 surgical procedures. Many of these were for violence-related injuries including gunshot wounds, shrapnel wounds, open fractures and injuries due to explosions.”

Sounds like wounds which one receives as a “soldier” in combat actions.

This “medical battalion of the terrorists” is cited as an “independent source” for the alleged use of poison gas. The statement of the “hospital” outside Damascus, which is supported by the “Doctors Without Borders” and is located in a rebel territory, is taken as “evidence” against the Syrian government.

However, what the Western media conceals is the fact that there is no separate MSF (Doctors Without Borders) staff there, they only send medical material, of course. Thus, the statements do not come from their own observations, but only from hearsay, from local people who sympathize with the terrorists in Syria. But the claim is sold worldwide that an “honourable” and “independent” organization is the key witness for the crimes of the Assad government.

MSF treats "patients" in the battle area in Syria
MSF treats “patients” in the battle area in Syria

The most do-gooders and the naive people take this statement as truth without to check what the “Doctors Without Borders” are really doing in Syria, on which side they stand and what their representatives have exactly said about the latest incident with many victims. Because, according to the official statement by Dr. Janssens, “MSF can neither scientifically confirm the cause of these symptoms, nor establish who is responsible for the attack.”

That sounds very different from what the media continually writes. Neither is proven that the symptoms of the victims come from chemicals, nor who has used such chemicals. However, on this baseless basis, Obama, Cameron and Hollande want to start a war of aggression against Syria in the coming days, with waves of attacks with cruise missiles.

Each of this flying bomb cost a million dollars. There is always money for this. The weapons must be fired so that the arms industry is booming and is able to deliver subsequently more arms.

How many Syrian civilians will die by this “humanitarian intervention” in Syria? This MSF says nothing about this. The Western warmongers always use “charities” as a tool in order to maintain the humanitarian gleam and they twist their statements.

The same trick was used against Libya, where “Human Rights Watch” (HRW) and Amnesty International (ai) have completely lost their “credibility” as they were used by the warmongers to provide the reason for a military intervention in Libya without doing anything against this situation.

The greatest horror stories were pinned on Gaddafi, while the “rebels” have perpetrated the worst atrocities against the population in Libya.

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