Syria – Der Attiyeh in Damascus Countryside Cleaned

Rankus - Damascus Countryside
Rankus - Damascus Countryside

The Syrian Arab Army had to carry out a swift operation and clean the town of Der Attiyeh from the NATO-backed mercenary terrorists coming from all sides of the planet to ‘democratize’ Syria Somali-style. The city is restored but the terrorists left their trade mark all over.

Der Attiyeh was punished by the anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists for not joining their ‘peaceful revolution’ against the Syrian state and remained absolutely loyal to their country and their people.

Throughout the Syrian crisis and since the beginning, this town and many other towns in the area, just like most of the cities all over Syria, have stood against the western-backed mercenary thugs despite the unprecedented media campaign to demonize the Syrian state and the Syrian Arab Army. Just a proof of how short-sighted the western officials and their strategists are thinking Syrians are less smarter and for that same reason they had to deface themselves and officially and publicly reveal their links to terrorists groups like Al-Qaeda and others where they had to import tens of thousands of these less-fortunate, uneducated poor young men, brainwash them and turn them into killing machines in the name of G.O.D, their God: Gold, Oil and Diamond.

Talfita town in Qalamon near the Lebanese borders

Like Talfita, Yabrud, Nabk, Qara and other cities cleaned from the terrorists within the long awaited Qalamon battle, Der Attiyeh not less important than the others being in the crossroads for terrorists sneaking into Syria from Lebanon and connecting the Jordanian desert with the infested Lebanese mountains creating Wahhabistan enclaves. Der Attiyeh sits as well on the international Damascus – Homs Highway north of Damascus city and south and very close to Nabk. Terrorists were aiming to cut south of Syria including the capital Damacus from its north starting with Homs.

Another main reason for attacking this town was to raise the morals leftover of the terrorists whom were losing one town after the other against the Syrian Arab Army all over the country.

Innocent civilians were killed, the entire medical crew of Al-Bassil National Hospital with whomever patients were in the hospital at the time. Of course, such a heinous massacre would not make it to the western headlines as it would show the US, UK, French and other European taxpayer where their money is actually invested, rather in the welfare and healthcare programs of its people.

The following video report might contain Graphic images, we tried to cover the ugly scenes as much as possible, your discretion is advised (Click here to watch on YouTube):

‘Everybody else is happy as long as the Syrian crisis is confined within Syrian borders’, only Syrians are paying this hefty price in the face of the international terrorism axis led by the ‘humanitarian bastards‘.

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