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About 500  were killed in the clashes and executions between Daash and other armed groups in Syria.

The death toll in the clashes between the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ( Daash ) and other armed groups , led by ” Islamic Front ” and ” Army of the Mujahideen ” is up to 482 people.

The Syrian Observatory exhibitions explained that among them 85 dead Syrian citizens from them 21 executed at the hands of the  militants Daash , while the rest were killed by gunshot injuries during the clashes between the two parties .

Also 240 fighters dead from the  armed groups that oppose Daash during the clashes and by targeting of  their cars  , and car bombings , in a rural Idlib , Hama , and Aleppo and its countryside and raka and its countryside , where 21 were executed at the hands of militants of the Islamic State in the city of Aleppo .

Meanwhile Daash , killing 157 militants from the Islamic state in clashes between them in Aleppo and its countryside and the countryside of Idlib , and Hama and raka , including 47 of Daash and Jund al -Aqsa , and were executed after they were captive by other groups , in the areas of Jebel corner countryside of Idlib , according to what Medical sources confirmed to  the local observatory Syrian opposition .

There were also  confirmed information to the Observatory about the execution of dozens of citizens by Daash , and militants in the detention camps in several areas , and the presence of dozens of gunmen from both sides who were killed during these clashes , not even documenting the moment .

The Observatory’s information about the execution of armed opposition groups to Daash for tens of prisoners of the Islamic state in the areas of the clashes in the provinces, and especially in the province of Idlib , featured some video clips that were documented  by activists and militants claiming  that those killed were killed by the Islamic state , and showing that they are fighters of the Islamic state.

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