Breaking: Russian MoD Warns the US Preparing to Strike Damascus

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Russian Ministry of Defense just stated that it possesses information the US-led coalition acting to enforce ISIS in Syria is preparing an attack against Syria.

Among the targets are expected to be Syrian Arab Army positions, especially the spearhead of the forces advancing in Eastern Ghouta, Syrian Armed Forces, and Syrian public facilities. This would not exclude attacking Syrian media buildings like the Syrian State TV and also the presidential palace.

The remnants of the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta would carry out a staged chemical attack against the civilians on air, accuse the Syrian Arab Army of it and instantly provoke the US, France, and the UK to attack the SAA, Russian MoD added.

There’s no legal base for the US or any of its allies or stooges to carry out any act of any feature inside the sovereign state Syria. Any strike will be seen only as a destabilization in the country and only support terrorist groups especially after the latest successes of the Syrian Arab Army in Eastern Ghouta.

The US wants to take advantage of the elections in Russia tomorrow and the engagement of the Russian leadership to carry out this strike. They want to deliver a blow against Russia and Syria to protect their alternative armies in ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA, SDF and other terrorist organizations.

Russia warned also the three western countries in the UNSC the USA, UK, and France have special forces in Syria, bodies of these forces were identified when they were killed fighting alongside ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

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