S300 Air Defense Systems to be delivered to Syria

S300 System To Be Delivered To Syria: Tough Talk Becomes Action

September 25, 2018 Paul Mansfield 0

In a welcome case of better late than never, Russia announced it will deliver to Syria the S300 air defense system within two weeks as part of its response to the downing of a Russian IL20 plane during an Israeli air attack against Syria. The long-awaited delivery comes after an [Continue reading…]

Il-20 Russian plane Syria

Russian Plane Shot Down After Israel Use it as a Human Shield During Attack on Syria

September 19, 2018 Paul Mansfield 0

The criminal Israel regime has once again attacked Syria, this time using a Russian Plane as a human shield resulting in it being shot down and the deaths of 15 Russian soldiers. A Russian military Il-20 aircraft with 14 service members on board was shot down over the coast of [Continue reading…]


Erdogan Buys Time for Terrorists at the Tehran Summit

September 11, 2018 Paul Mansfield 1

As Syria News reported last Friday nine civilians were murdered in Mhardeh. At the same time, UNSC President Nikki Haley warned Syria against fighting terrorism and terrorists in Syria. While these vermin beyond description- who even the great wordsmith Oscar Wilde could never have hoped to describe anywhere near adequately- [Continue reading…]

John McCain meets Al Qaeda in Syria

John McCain Dead: Not a Tear in Sight in Syria

September 4, 2018 Paul Mansfield 1

John McCain was put in a hole in the ground last Saturday. Unlike the hole he was put in in Vietnam as a prisoner of war, he will not emerge from this hole to channel his hate across the globe, spreading death, tears and destruction wherever he cast his angry [Continue reading…]


Operation Idlib: A Liberation not an Assault

August 31, 2018 Paul Mansfield 1

Idlib is poised to be cleansed of terrorists, the last stronghold in Syria, leaving aside the neocolonial occupation of the country by the US and Turkey. Groups such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Al-Qaeda) Nour al-Din al-Zinki, Ahrar al-Sham and the terrorist propaganda outfit the White Helmets can complain as much [Continue reading…]

Trump Makes the Deadly Mistake - Assad Must Go

Trump Withdraws the Money but not the US War on Syria

August 23, 2018 Paul Mansfield 1

As is his preference, Donald Trump announced by tweet, the end of $230 million funding of “stabilization efforts in Syria.” In reality, money is being redirected toward projects to overthrow the Iranian government by hook or by crook, while in Syria, Trump has convinced the Saudis and the United Arab [Continue reading…]

Chinese and Syrian Military Commanders Meet

China to Set Foot into Syria with its Blessing to Help Liberate Idlib

August 6, 2018 Paul Mansfield 1

In welcome news to Syrian government forces preparing to launch a campaign to liberate the northern province of Idlib, China’s ambassador to Damascus reportedly told Syrian media that Beijing is prepared to aid the government’s push to retake territory throughout the country. Speaking to Al-Watan, the Chinese envoy, Qi Qianjin, said [Continue reading…]