Abu Omar al Chechen is Dead!


The killing of the terrorist Abu Omar the Chechen military commander of ISIL from wounds sustained two days earlier in clashes with the terrorist group Al Nusra  in Deir al-Zour.

His journey from turkey started on March 2014 in northern Syria and ended in Deir Al Zour one the hands of Al Nusra militants after fierce clashes. 10372339_1452408065003932_5600668942678428914_n

Military leader of the Caucasian Army of immigrants and supporters (mohajereen and ansar: 2 titles the companions of the prophet were named as) .At the beginning of the fighting his brigade did not join that of the FSA thinking that they do not deserve so and their cause and for not having faith in them as he stated in many press conferences . But after the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant  announcemented its joining to the Syrian Crisis  he Joined  under their brigade and Swore allegiance to , Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He showed his love and appreciation toward the idea of the ISIL in making an Islamic caliphate in Syria, so he became the prince of that city till he was finally assigned as the military commander of the ISIL. It was said in the electronic forums related to “Al Quada ” that Abu Omar Checheni crossed  long distances to reach Syria and have  participated in acts of slaughter against the prisoners from the Syrian army, or the armed groups who have been fighting against the ISIL. The fighters have lost a senior commander of their leaders that is considered to be the fiercest and most efficient among the groups fighting the Syrian army.

Its good however and may he rot in hell.

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