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Syria: Hypocrite BBC is At it Again

March 7, 2015 Arabi Souri 0

Hypocrite BBC at it Again.. The BBC is upset by a US man jailed in UAE for insulting his employer and was so fine with 2 young British men jailed by a London court for 4 years for posting a Facebook status update calling for a protest against unjust, …

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BBC Should Help the SAA Obtain Precision Bombs

February 12, 2015 Arabi Souri 0

‘If the BBC folks who care about the suffering of people don’t like the primitive barrel bombs, why don’t they be generous and supply us with their smart missiles enriched with depleted uranium which is people friendly and that’s evidenced in more than a million Iraqis and Afghanis killed with it?!’ ~Fares Shehabi, prominent Syrian businessman from Aleppo mocking the ‘Humanirarian Bastards’ in her majesty’s propaganda machine aka BBC.

Fares Shehabi

‫اذا كانت البراميل البدائية مو عاجبة جماعة BBC الحريصين على معاناة الشعوب.. ليش ما بتكرموا علينا و بيعطونا صواريخهم الذكية المخصبة باليورانيوم باعتبارها صديقة للشعوب بدليل استشهاد اكثر من مليون عراقي و مليون افغاني بها؟…‬