33 martyrs tens injured suicide bombing dayr atiyah damascus countryside

Dayr Atiyah
Dayr Atiyah

Just as people gather in the nearby markets before their fast breaking, a booby trapped car detonated killing at least 33 civilian and injuring more than 30 others near the police station in Dayr Atiyah, Damascus countryside.

The car is believed to be driven by a suicide bomber from one of the NATO backed terrorist groups operating in Syria under the FSA umbrella, investigations are still under way, the city’s hospital was calling for blood donations.

Dayr Atiyah
Dayr Atiyah

The city of Dayr Atiyah, some 88 kilometers to the north of the Syrian capital Damascus on the road to Homs, is one of the cities that its residents are punished, by the death squads brought to Syria by ‘democracy’ spreading western countries, because they refused to join the ‘peaceful uprising’. It’s the home of more than 35,000 Muslims and Christians living side by side. In 2003 the first privately owned university in Syria was opened in the city. It’s surrounded by terrorist enclaves coming from nearby Lebanon.

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