Three Hermes Downed


It was confirmed on Wednesday that an Israeli Hermes drone has crashed in Baghdad, capital of Iraq.
Al-Mayadeen News Network said a team from the US embassy in Iraq immediately went to the scene and collected remains of
the drone.

The report said Iraqi army and police have no information how the aerial vehicle has crashed.

One Hermes drone crashed in Gaza Strip in early August.

Another Hermes was shot down by IRGCˈs Aerial-space division last Saturday in Iran.

And according to Haaretz:
Israeli Hermes drone shot down near Baghdad Airport.

And according to The Times of Israel:

The incident came after Iran claimed it shot down a similar Hermes drone over the weekend as it approached the uranium
enrichment facility in Natanz, some 240 kilometers (150 miles) south of the capital, Tehran.

Iranian officials published a video clip of the downed drone that appeared to show that it was a Hermes 450. Iran said the
aircraft had taken off from a country on its northern border, although stopped short of identifying which of the three
possible countries — Armenia, Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan– it was referring to.

On Monday Hamas claimed to have captured the remains of a small Israeli drone in the Gaza Strip that the terror group said
it brought down. Hamas’s claims were not immediately responded to by Israel. A military source told The Times of Israel
that the Israel Defense Forces had no comment on the matter.

The IDF was known to be utilizing several types of UAVs during the recent hostilities with Hamas, including small
reconnaissance drones that provide real-time intelligence, as well as larger craft, which can launch missile attacks.(END)

All of these crashes give us no option but to say, Israel is desperate from for information and is more vulnerable than ever.


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