20 Civilians Killed by US-Sponsored Terror in Syria

Survivor of landmine that killed more than 20. Photo courtesy SANA.

In another round of war crimes against Syria, more than 20 civilians were martyred 24 February. A vehicle transporting workers drove on a landmine planted by US ‘regime change’ tools of Daesh ‘activists,’ in Salamyiah, Hama countryside.

The wounded and corpses were brought to Salamyiah and Hama hospitals, for treatment and identification. Today’s war crimes against Syria followed yesterday’s similar horror, when an empty oil tanker stepped on a mine left behind by terrorists supported by US, UK, France (despite Macron’s busy schedule in blinding members of the Gilets Jaunes), and their Gulfie underlings.

This oil tanker was empty when it drove over a landmine, 23 Februaryin al Nasrate village, Hasaka countryside. Both occupants are in serious condition

Though it is impossible to say which NATO country or NATO satellite provided these deadly weapons to ”moderate armed human garbage,” Syria News reminds our readers that on 18 February SANA reported massive weaponry found in Damascus countryside, by engineering units clearing the area from landmines and IEDs.

Among the large cache of armaments used to murder Syrians, were US and Israeli made rockets and launchers.

Westerners who continue to feel entitled to argue over whether or not state sponsors of terror against Syria take back their savages, and those who are smitten with the idea of a NATO appointed president to Venezuela, might take a good look at these photographs, first.

They might also humanize themselves by taking a walk in the shoes of Syria’s people.

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