Warm Thanks from Syrianews.cc To Our Readers – 2013

www.syrianews.cc readership 2013
www.syrianews.cc readership 2013 report

Since preachers of ‘free speech’ and ‘democracy’ have banned the Syrian based media, we took on our shoulders to spread the news of what’s going on in our beloved country to the world and deliver the message that the Syrian people are resisting the self-proclaimed ‘International Community’ from forcing a radical inhumane sectarian based brutal bloody barbarian retard cannibal and sex jihadist NATO-style Wahhabi ‘revolution’ against us. Syrianews.cc sources are always the normal people living the tragedies and not paid journos and fake activists sponsored by the lobbies enslaving the west and want to enslave our people as well.

End of October 2013 the paranoid prime minister of TurkeyRecep Tayyip Erdoğan decided to block Syrianews.cc in Turkey within his efforts to join the EU and his contribution in the mass killing of Syrians. Our Turkish readers were not shocked, they were shocked it took him so long. The mad man from the sectarian based AKP party ruling Turkey is known to have turned Turkey into the biggest prison for political journalists in the world while maintaining the 2nd position in the world rank in illegal human organs trade.

Statistics counting via this stats counting app started middle of September 2013, since then till the end of 2013 www.syrianews.cc was viewed 500,000 as per the annual report showed.

www.syrianews.cc readership 2013 report

This differs a lot from video clips watched and pictures viewed as reading is less fortunate in our times unlike when our fathers and theirs built the human civilizations. 500,000 views within 3.5 months means 500,000 visits to our website by people seeking to learn a different narrative than what they’re fed by the western mainstream media dominating the information era.

Our YouTube channel received a bit over 1 million views only during the whole year of 2013. Taking in consideration this is a totally individual effort in which each video clip uploaded was analyzed, cross-checked for credibility with our sources on the ground, translated and English and sometimes Spanish subtitles were added to each video clip, then uploaded again, this gives the author some kind of comfort that the efforts were not all in vain.

YouTube Stats 3arabiSouri

Many would say that a single video clip on YouTube received millions of views, that’s true, but let’s be honest here, we are not promoting or showing any of the attraction materials those video clips are showing. There’s no entertainment, no nudity, no hot scenes, not much of graphic contents as it will be against the ‘community standards’ of YouTube unless uploaded by one of the tens of Alqaeda promoting channels, then it will not be against their ‘community standards’. We also do not show sports, or drama series, we show the real tragedy lived by our people because the western citizens have elected to rule them an ‘elite’ class that has the welfare of those western citizens at the bottom of its priorities list, if it’s ever in that list.

However, our LiveLeak channel created on January 27, 2013 to post videos ‘unpostable’ on YouTube have received 544,783 views for 109 items mostly video clips. But even LiveLeak decided to delete our videos and claim that our videos are ‘reposts’ although the author, yours truly, is the sole creator of the contents of these videos and then uploading them on his own channel there..!

LiveLeak Stats 2013 – 3arabisouri

We should mention that Facebook and Twitter also played in the hands of the western politicians and their plot against us by taking down accounts, pages and posts by many of the activists, latest example was the unpublishing of Syria News page by Facebook.

Thanks to all who shared the posts, commented and contributed with whatever effort to save Syria.

Note: 3arabiSouri and ArabiSouri pertains to the same person, it is an alias for security reasons after the ‘freedom fighters’ reached the house of the author in Damascus countryside in the summer of 2011, stole the house to the bones: they even took the water pipes from the ground and the walls, and left a message ‘they know who I am and they know where my family lives’. The name Arabi means Arabic, the number 3 is the letter ع in internet slang, and Souri means Syrian.

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