wahhabi terror strikes beirut

Dhahieh Explosion
Dhahieh Explosion

A terror explosion shocked the Southern District of Beirut, a residential neighborhood, this afternoon just as school students were coming back from schools in an obvious aim to kill as many as possible civilians and spread terror. The explosion about a 100 meters away from the political office of Hizbullah, a fierce foe for the Zionist entity.

Initial reports claimed the lives of 3 citizens and injured tens more in the Arid Street in the district and not the first one targeting the same area where Hizbullah’s main supporters live, a repeat of what is being happening in Syria for the past 34 months.

Dhahieh Explosion 02 January 2014

A 4×4 booby trapped vehicle was detonated causing this horror. Injured and martyred civilians were rushed to hospitals in the Southern District.

The year 2013 ended with the assassination of a former Lebanese minister Muhammad Shattah from the 14 March movement, a political alliance created to help Israel to face the growing popularity of Hizbullah and the resistance axis to the Zionist occupation in the region. Attempts to stir chaos and revenge among the people and eventually they hope to ignite a sectarian based war that will kill as many Muslims as they can fuel to kill.

A number of similar explosions targeted the same district and other areas in Lebanon last year leaving tens dead and hundreds injured with huge material damage. Today’s terror explosion comes days after the Lebanese president Michel Suleiman, counted on the anti-Hizbullah bloc, announced a Saudi gift to France to sell weapons to the Lebanese Army which of course shouldn’t be used against Israel, so guess against who?!

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