Wadi Barada Nusra Terrorists to Take the Idlib Ticket

image-NATO Terrorists contaminate Damascus Drinking Water
NATO Terrorists contaminate Damascus Drinking Water

Terrorists from Nusra Front who cut the water off 5.5 million people in Damascus City would end up in Idlib under a popular pressure in Wadi Barada to facilitate the repairing of Fijah Spring main pump station providing drinking water to Damascus.

Informed sources following the difficult negotiations between a government delegation led by Mr. Homam Haidar from the town of Der Qanun in the area and a committee from the council expect to reach the agreement by tomorrow 09 January 2017.

Previous negotiations saw a maintenance team sent by the government’s water authority got attacked twice by Nusra terrorists, Al-Qaeda Levant, despite the agreement with the local committees to guarantee their safety, twice.

Estimates put the number of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists from Nusra Front at 70 only among the local armed groups, these terrorists were refusing to book their tickets to the dumpster in Idlib province and insist on holding the area they are in Wadi Barada and holding the 5.5 million people in Damascus hostages for their drinking water.

The local committee promised a Russian delegation summoned to assist in the negotiations that they will pressure the Nusra Front terrorists to leave to Idlib and the area will join the reconciliation efforts getting its armed men status regularized like many other areas all over the country and especially like in the ongoing process in southwest of Damascus.

Foremerly, the same Nusra Front terrorsits polluted the drinking water pipes by spilling huge quantities of diesel fuel in the network providing drinking water to the Syrian capital.

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