Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.

syria putin criticizes obama

September 12, 2013 Arabi Souri 1

Vladimir Putin’s open letter to the Americans in regards of Syria. While two mortar shells were again fired from Syrian soil to an area in the southern Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and it is not yet known who has fired the mortar shells into the Golan Heights, Russia’s [Continue reading…]

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Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Syria: Putin’s Open Letter to America

September 12, 2013 Arabi Souri 2

Syria: Russian President Putin writes to the American people. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin wrote an open letter to the American people in regards of the Syrian conflict and the increased turmoil and threats of war in terms of the Arab country and the accusations by several Western [Continue reading…]

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Hawkish US Senator John McCain (C) poses with infamous kidnapper in Syria, Mohamed Nour (seen with his hand on his chest and holding a camera)

videos mccain wrath americans syria war

September 12, 2013 Arabi Souri 1

Compilation and commentary by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. Aside from the challenge its faces against starting a war from the united front formed by Syria’s friends and allies in Iran, Russia, China, Lebanon, Latin America, and elsewhere  and a lack of support from the international community, the Obama [Continue reading…]

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Barack Obama, the modern Pinocchio.

obama nobelist war speech syria

September 11, 2013 Arabi Souri 30

US President Barack Obama has yet again lied about Syria. After I have watched the speech of Barack Obama to the American nation live, I was only able to shake my head about what my ears had to hear. Every second sentence was a lie. No. Obamas [Continue reading…]

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