picture analysis

May 10, 20141

This Nigerian Islamist unrest is, like most of the Islamist unrest, orchestrated by the US, in this case to create instability and to disrupt China?s […]

assad usa military strike syria

September 26, 20133

Syria?s President al-Assad doesn`t rule out US-led attack on Syria. Syria?s President Bashar al-Assad said yesterday that he has not yet ruled out the possibility […]

saudi arabia bandar inept war syria

September 20, 20130

Bandar Bin Israel: Loved in Washington, spurned at home. The partly violent and dangerous machinations by the Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan in […]

true aims war syria

September 20, 20132

Each expert has his own assessment of Washington’s maneuvers around Syria and his own understanding of the aims of these maneuvers. There are as many […]


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