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The Godfather of Terror Not Many Do Recognise

March 29, 2016 Stefan Heuer 0

Blaming only the USA, Saudi and Turkey for the genocide in Syria does not catch the whole picture. Germany is engaged in killings in Syria. It is not only the United States, France, Great Britain, the Turkey of wanna-be Caliph Erdogan and the Wahhabi terror kingdom of Saudi Arabia who are imposing a bloody, genocidal war by proxies with their [Continue reading…]

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ANNA-News: Marat Musin yesterday in Jobar (Dschobar).

Syria: Chemical Weapons – Syrian Rebels Killing for Nothin

August 24, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

Provocation by Syrian Terrorists by gruesome chemical weapons-attack. The following text about the alleged chemical weapons-attack by Syrian Army units in Syria is a translation of the article by a German blogger. The statements, facts and chain of thoughts are logical, underlined by the truth about alleged evidence, and whoever thinks the Syrian Army / government in Damascus might order [Continue reading…]

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Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.

The Chemical Weapon Accusations against Syria are Overshadowing the Insurgent Retreat

June 2, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

The timing of Tel Aviv’s repeated attacks on Syria in May 2013 and the kindling of yet another round of accusations and tensions between the Turkish government and Syria that have resulted from the car bombings in the Turkish town of Reyhanli say a lot. Firstly, Tel Aviv’s aerial strikes, via illegal use of Lebanese airspace, on the Syrian military [Continue reading…]

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