western anti syria plots failing

July 17, 20130

The known political analyst Finian Cunningham, who publishes interesting articles at e.g. strategic-culture.org but also on several other political orientated websites, news agencies, and magazines, […]

syria america senator casey

July 16, 20132

I’m an American history teacher with a university background in Middle East Studies. I am also a former archaeologist and past resident of Syria (summer […]

syria advances aleppo bazaars

July 8, 20132

Aleppo used to be the destination for tourists and visitors from all around the world, having a very historic value, and existing over centuries as […]

syria adolf romney right

June 26, 20131

The U.S. “Foreign Policy” probably takes the first step towards the public acknowledgment of what has been shown towards the nose of the Americans only […]

Beyond Kafka

June 25, 20134

?it is not necessary to accept everything as true, one must only accept it as necessary.” ”A melancholy conclusion,” said K. ”It turns lying into […]

syria wondrous communique

June 19, 20130

The G8 has adopted a very astonishing communique as a final document yesterday. It states: “We call on the Syrian authorities and opposition at the […]

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