Angry Defeated Syrian Opposition Unleash Its Hatred

A Libyan flatbed vehicle mounted with a machine gun

With the UNSC taking claims from the inflated criminal Syrian Opposition seriously and asking the UN investigation team to investigate in the new alleged attack with chemical weapons in Damascus countryside yesterday, the collection of criminals working under the umbrella of the Syrian Oppositions abroad insisted on showing their real ugly faces. I’ll not discuss the coincidence of the chemical attack in Damascus with the starting of the UN team starting their investigations in the attack on Khan Al Asal north of Aleppo on 15 March 2013, and I’ll not discuss Continue reading

Syria: The NATO-style Removal of Witnesses

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Khan al-Assal: Massacre against civilians to sabotage an investigation? Last weekend, a large number of heavily armed terrorists attacked Khan Al-Assal, a suburb in the south-west of Aleppo, and conquered it. The terrorists wore a significant portion of uniform “clothing signs” such as red headbands and grey uniforms.

Syria: NATO Terrorists Continue Destroying a Sovereign State

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

NATO terrorists working hard in Syria: An attack on an oil refinery in Tal Kalakh in Homs Countryside causing big destruction in property and machinery not to mention the side affects like electricity power cuts, a factory of explosive devices with large quantities of ready to use IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) discovered in Tadmour city (Palmyra), in the middle of Syria’s desert, a factory for chemical substances to be used in weapons in Jobar, Damascus countryside, a huge suicide bomber takes his own filthy life and the lives of many Continue reading

Nobel Laureate After Visit to Syria: “A Proxy War, By Outside Forces and The World Must Stand Up Against It” Vichy Urinalists Have Misplaced Their Keyboards

Nobel peace laureate Mairead Maguire

by Miri Wood, R.N.,c. Yesterday, 9 July, an interview with Mairead Corrigan Maguire, was uploaded to YouTube, by “We Are Change,” a “nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide,” about her trip to Syria and Lebanon, May 1-11, 2013. [1] In 1976, Maguire shared the Nobel Prize with Betty Williams, for her work towards peace in Northern Ireland. She was 32, and at the time, the youngest person to have been awarded that prize.

Syria: SAA in Jobar & Al-Qaboun And Disturbing Discoveries

Syrian Arab Army

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) determined to cleanse the country from terror disease imposed on it by ‘humanitarian’ western powers, moves on in their task to eliminate the filth of the world’s filthiest filth airlifted from all sides of the world to spread ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ in Syria with abundant amounts of money and resources that would have been more than enough to rescue entire countries like Greece & Italy from their miserable credit crises, but killing innocent people is more worth than helping others, remember ‘The price is Continue reading

Syria: Obama Administration Responsible for “Crimes of Aggression” in Violation of Rome Statute and UN Charter

The group of evil against Syria

On May 23, Secretary of State John Kerry threatened Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with the following statement concerning U.S. military support of Syrian rebels: “In the event that we can’t find that way forward, in the event that the Assad regime is unwilling to negotiate Geneva I in good faith, we will also talk about our continued support and growing support for the opposition in order to permit them to continue to be able to fight for the freedom of their country.” He repeated that threat again yesterday, July 2, using the Continue reading