SAA Commanders at Front Lines

Martyr General Hussein Ishaq, head of SAA Air Defense

The country fighting the filthiest filth of the world for more than 3 years alone has stood tall by the sacrifices of its people and the exceptional heroism of its armed forces, especially its national army SAA, the Syrian Arab Army. Martyr General Hussein Ishaq, head of Air Defense in SAA joined his commanders and soldiers in the longest queue of martyrs a country has paid of its best men and women and raised to the highest levels of humanity sacrificed his soul to save Syria. The martyr was leading Continue reading

Wahhabis in Syria – GRAPHIC

Wahhabis in Syria

Wahhabism is an anti-Islamic ideology invented by the Brits in early days of Al Saud in Arabia and used to distort the image of Islam and to kill Muslims and all enemies of Great Britain in the name of God. There’s no worse than impoverishing whole communities then using their uneducated youth as killing machines in the name of a religion, something the Brits were best at in each country they invaded, the US empire with the anti-US elite ruling them has inherited this technique from the Brits and played Continue reading

Obama’s Death Squads Strike Syria, Again: 9 Killed, 30 Seriously Wounded in Attack on School Buses and School

Terrorists Shell School in Damascus with Mortars

Miri Wood, R.N.c. While the Doha mobsters of the orwellianly named Syrian National Coalition (the non-elected gang of Texan businessmen, CEOs of Dutch Royal Shell, etc.), whom U.S. President Barack Obama calls “the sole legitimate representatives of the Syrian people — who have recently moved to Istanbul — threaten to boycott the Geneva talks, unless President Bashar al Assad goes traitor and flees his country, Obama’s mercenary death squads attacked two school buses and a school, with freedom-loving mortar shells, today. At least 8 children and one bus driver were Continue reading

Details of Liberating Brigade 80 & Securing Aleppo International Airport SAA Operation

80 Brigade

The report aired by Syrian state TV detailing the SAA military operation to restore Brigade 80 & secure Aleppo’s International Airport, the 2nd largest airport in Syria. EU & USA have taken the liberty to take the liberty away from freedom of speech and banned Syrian based media including all of Syrian state TV channels, the following report is one of the reasons to do so. Keep in mind the first time you were told by your mainstream media and your politicians of the existence of Al Qaeda in Syria, Continue reading

Syrian Opposition Member Abroad Wanted for Justice in Sweden

Syrian Opposition Abroad Wanted for Justice

A member of any community dealing with a foreign country against his own is considered a traitor and at the best a 5th column, which earns that member the despise of his people and the rope to hang him with in public, except when the foreign country is a NATO member state, then that community member is praised in the western media as a ‘freedom fighter’ or a ‘democracy promoter’, like the case of the Syrian and before them the Iraqi and Libyan oppositions. The Iraqi opposition came to Iraq Continue reading

Syria: SAA Repels Alqaeda Attack in Khan Sheih

Khan Sheih south of Damascus

A Syrian Arab Army post repelled an attack carried out by Al Qaeda FSA mercenary Jihadists near Khan Sheih south of Damascus, killing the entire attacking group and confiscating their weapons. The attack carried out by a group of Nusra Front and Ahrar Cham (The Free of Levant) was yesterday Wednesday 30 October 2013 in the morning against an outpost of SAA in Khan Sheih farms some 30 plus kilometers south of Damascus on the road to the occupied Golan Heights. The small town of Khan Sheih also hosts a Continue reading

SAA Restores Hteitat Turkman

SAA Soldier

One den after the other falling by the hands of the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army proves their determination and ability to cleanse Syria from the filth of the US, French, Qatari, Turkish, Saudi backed Wahhabi terror, Hteitat Turkman just added to the more fuel to the furious ‘humanitarian bastards‘. Fighting terrorist groups and winning the battle against them such remarkably where ‘super powers’ failed in fighting much lesser in men and power like the US regime(s) vs. the Al Qaeda group they only created in Afghanistan, can only tell Continue reading