image-350,000 Army of Terrorists fighting SAA

Who Needs an Army of 350,000 Wahhabi Terrorists?

January 27, 2017 Arabi Souri 10

What to do with an army of 350,000 anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists who believe in ‘Sex Jihad’ and consider everybody else as infidels and should be killed? The Syrian crisis is about to be over as it’s completing its 6 years, its 6th anniversary is on 15th March 2017, in less than 2 months. Today (27 January) is the last day [Continue reading…]

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image-Top Opposition Figure Nawaf al-Bashir Repents and Returns to Syria

Top Opposition Figure Nawaf al-Bashir Repents and Returns to Syria

January 7, 2017 Arabi Souri 2

Sheikh Nawaf al-Bashir, the highest figure in the western fabricated opposition in Syria, the chief of Baggara Tribe in northeast Syria, returned to Damascus and declared his loyalty to the Syrian people, the Syrian leadership and praised the Syrian Arab Army and put himself under the command of the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al-Assad. With 1.2 million tribesmen and women [Continue reading…]

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image-East Aleppo Kidnapped Massacre 2 Blurred

New Massacre Found in Liberated Aleppo School

December 25, 2016 Miri Wood 1

The Syrian Arab Army has discovered the bodies of more than 100 civilians and servicemen in a school in the Sukari neighborhood of eastern Aleppo.  The bodies of the martyrs were found in a similar states of decomposition, offering forensics that the massacre of these hostages took place immediately before the withdrawal of the “moderate rebels” to  Wahhabistan Idlib, under [Continue reading…]

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image- Erdogan corruption

Turkish President Erdogan Receives Bribe for Services

March 1, 2016 Arabi Souri 1

Scandals for corruption and misconduct keep surfacing for Erdogan, the Turkish supreme Caliph, from illegal oil trade with terrorist groups, to lavish spending, to now bribes and not to forget his ongoing killing of his own citizens the Sunni Muslim Kurds southeast of Turkey. The latest scandal involving the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is the absolute [Continue reading…]

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529 supporters ousted president mohammad mursi sentenced death

March 24, 2014 Arabi Souri 0

An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced 529 supporters of ousted president Mohammad Mursi to death after a mass trial. Backers of Mursi are facing a deadly crackdown launched by the military-installed authorities since his ouster in July, with hundreds of people killed and thousands arrested. Judicial sources reported Monday’s event, adding that the sentence was delivered in the second hearing [Continue reading…]

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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan Goes Rabid Ahead of Elections

March 24, 2014 Arabi Souri 2

Embattled Muslim Brotherhood Prime Minister of Turkey needs any victory anywhere and at any price to distract the Turkish public from his embezzlement and corruption scandals topped up with the unprecedented oppression against freedoms in his country not least is the ban on Twitter and threats to ban Facebook & other social media platforms, a retard policy by a rabid [Continue reading…]

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A Belgian Jihadist in the ranks of the FSA, the Free FROM Syrians Army

Rebranding Al Qaeda – GRAPHIC Footage from Syria

January 9, 2014 Arabi Souri 11

Lebanese Al-Manar TV channel has come up with an excellent report to warn of the techniques followed by the evil minds in the west on how they rebrand Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to reuse them again. The crimes committed by the ‘freedom fighting’ groups in Syria and elsewhere are so heinous, so brutal, and so disgusting the English [Continue reading…]

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