dividing syria separation middle east

September 24, 2013Arabi Souri0

Damascus, Syria: Bomb blast kills several Syrians in the capital. While another bomb blast has rocked the Syrian capital Damascus today. The terrorist act caused the death of several people and wounded further civilians in […]

Iran: Ceasefire in Syria Is A Good Idea

September 21, 2013Arabi Souri5

Iranian lawmaker praises the intention by Syrian government. The Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil has announced in statements that the government of Syria may propose a ceasefire in the case that the long-planned international […]

true aims war syria

September 20, 2013Arabi Souri2

Each expert has his own assessment of Washington’s maneuvers around Syria and his own understanding of the aims of these maneuvers. There are as many understandings of the war being waged against Syria as there […]

iran israel chemical nuclear weapons

September 19, 2013Arabi Souri3

Iran’s Foreign Minister calls for a disarmament of Israel’s weapons of mass destruction. The Foreign Minister of Iran joins the call for the disarmament of Israel’s nuclear and chemical weapons in the wake of the […]

israel prefers al qaeda syrias al assad

September 17, 2013Arabi Souri10

Israeli envoy: Tel Aviv prefers Al-Qaeda groups rather than Iranian-backed groups. The Israeli envoy to the United States, Michael Oren, confirmed in a new statement that the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv fears the alliance […]

israel victim usa attack syria

September 17, 2013Arabi Souri0

Syria and Hezbollah will target Israel if the United States attacks the Arab country. Retaliatory measures are already planned by several sides in the Middle East in case if the United States really launch a […]


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