Maher al-Assad & Bashar al-Assad

Syria: Maher al-Assad with Key Role in the War on Terror

September 21, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

Maher al-Assad & 4th Armoured Division are important in the war against the terrorists. It is no surprise that Maher al-Assad and the 4th Armoured Division are mentioned as very important in the war against the Western-backed terrorist and extremist groups in Syria. It was already known that the younger brother of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and the 4th Armoured [Continue reading…]

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Syrian Soldiers in Daraa (Source: FNA)

war propaganda syria storm

August 28, 2013 Arabi Souri 0

Anti-Syrian Propaganda: Israel wants the war in Middle East? In Israel, they not only know for at least 4 or 5 days that it was the Syrian Army, which used chemical weapons, but they also know the location from where the rockets were fired (western slope of Mount Kassiun) and by whom (155th Brigade of the 4th Division of the [Continue reading…]

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