Syria, Damascus countryside

Iran urges supporters of Terrorists in Syria to fix Strategic Mistakes

Sergey Lavrov: Russia concerned about Syria?s Integrity.

While the new interview by the Washington Post with Russia?s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is very interesting and Lavrov states some reasons why Moscow seems to support Syria, the Islamic Republic of Iran has called on all supports of the terrorist groups and extremists in Syria to correct their strategic mistakes and to stop the backing of armed thugs and Takfiri terrorists in the Arab country. (more…)

"Sexual Jihad"

Tunisia: Measures against “Sex Jihad” trips to Syria

Jihad al-Nikah: Tunis to fight “sexual jihad” trips to Syria.

The Women’s Ministry of Tunisia announced yesterday that it will implement a plan to fight against the increasing number of Tunisian women and girls who are traveling to Syria in order to wage the so-called “sex jihad” (Jihad al-Nikah) and to serve the armed terrorist groups and extremists as “comfort women.” (more…)

Beheading in Syria

Syria: Al-Qaeda beheaded 40 FSA members in Northern Syria

Al-Qaeda extremists have beheaded about 40 terrorists of the Free Syrian Army in Syria.

There are some interesting new reports from Syria. While some are shocking as usual, others are by far really interesting. For example, it seems that a group of Al-Qaeda-linked extremists have beheaded some 40 terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Northern Syria as a gift for John Kerry, John McCain, and Barack Obama. (more…)

"Sexual Jihad"

Tunisian Women used as Sex Slaves by Terrorists in Syria

Armed infighting between Al-Qaeda and FSA in Deir ez-Zor.

While new reports from Syria say that several armed people were killed in new power struggles between Al-Qaeda-linked groups and groups affiliated with the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, the Interior Minister of Tunisia confirmed that armed extremists have used some Tunisian women as sex slaves in Syria. (more…)

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

French Minister: Enemies of Syria perhaps also Enemies of France

French nationals fighting alongside Al-Qaeda in Syria are a possible threat for France.

The French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, said in new statements regarding Syria and the foreign nationals fighting alongside Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and other extremist groups in the Arab country against the government of President al-Assad that these French nationals may turn into enemies of France when they return to France. (more…)

FSA Field Execution in Der Ezzor sponsored by 'western democracies'

Extremists recruit Russians for Terror Groups in Syria

Russian Cleric: Young Russians are recruited by extremists to fight in Syria.

While Russian Ministers have criticized the UN report about the use of chemical weapons in Syria in new statements and, for example, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia even has said that factual evidence is missing in the report by the UN inspectors, it seems that more and more young Russians are recruited by extremist groups in Russia in order to fight in Syria against the units of the Syrian Army and the mainly secular government of President Bashar al-Assad. (more…)

US / CIA / Al-Qaeda

FBI: American Terrorists in Syria are a Threat

FBI: American militants, who are fighting in Syria, are a threat to the United States.

Robert Mueller, the director of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has warned that all the American citizens who joined the ranks of the terrorists and jihadists fighting in Syria against the (secular) Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus could bring terrorist tactics and terrorism back to the soil of the United States when these militants return to the US after their battles in the Arab nation. (more…)