More Racial Attacks By Isreal


More racial attacks have been carried recently by the isrealian forces against christian and Muslim religious places. A week or so they tried to enter al Aqsa mosque but have only been able to destroy some windows arrest some and gas tear everyone too, however just a day or two ago they have succeed in destroying a mosque among several Palestinian structures Tuesday in a West Bank village for having been built without permits. They also destroyed a church and vandalized many…. On the other hand an isrealian man have Continue reading

Iran’s Majlis Speaker: Israel wants to divide Muslims

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..

Israel and the West seek to divide Muslims: Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani. The Majlis Speaker of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Larijani, said in a new statement in regards of the violent events in Egypt as well as the bombing in the Lebanese capital Beirut that the Israeli regime wants to divide the Muslims and to create rifts among the Muslim community.

True Islam is Being Assassinated by Wahhabis in Syria


Fight in Syria had included since day one, attack on its secular nature. Sheikh AlBouti was the latest and most prominent victim of a two years attack on Syrian religious figures. An attack that was launched by FSA on Muslims and Christians who refused to fall prey to the intended civil war scenario. Here are some other martyrs who preferred death to giving up on the true essence of their religions or order the killing of their own nation. They all loved Syria more than they loved money or their Continue reading