Syria: Obama, Merkel, and the Urgency for Journalistic Integrity

December 2, 2016 Miri Wood 5

by Miri Wood and Arabi Souri Some GRAPHIC photos, video included. In President Barack Obama’s foreign farewell tour, he found himself most at home in his visit and press conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Unlike in Greece, where he was met with 3,000 protesters, and police in riot gear, firing tear gas to disperse the crowds, in Germany the US president received [Continue reading…]

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Jaafari to Schiller Institute: ISIL Has Been There for Centuries

September 16, 2016 Miri Wood 8

On 10 September, His Excellency Bashar al Ja’afari addressed the Schiller Institute, in New York City. TRANSCRIPT (courtesy of the Schiller Institute): Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming on this Saturday, a hot Saturday, humid Saturday, to listen to us. I know that sometimes politics is boring, would bore the listeners. However, the issue is very important. [Continue reading…]

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image- Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen with her forces

Germany Now Fights DAESH? Well, It’s not That Simple

December 6, 2015 Stefan Heuer 6

On Friday, Dec. 4, 2015, the German parliament, the Bundestag, with a great majority approved the federal governments plan to go at war with Syria, labelling this war a “fight against DAESH” in “self-defense”. I will come to this in a minute. The Bundestag approved a bill by the government to send Tornado-jets to Syria and a warship to the [Continue reading…]

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Financial shutdown in the USA doesn"t affect financing terror abroad

US Regime Playing Dumb About ISIL /ISIS /Daesh

October 8, 2015 Arabi Souri 0

The regime of Barack Obama cannot be luckier with masses it rules like the ones in the United States of America aka USAians / USAese(!). The regime officials can simply play dumb and ask silly questions about terrorist groups everyone in the world -outside the USA- knows its answers and still look innocent wanting to know answers and get away [Continue reading…]

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Western Powers WANT to Bring Assad to the Solution, Wonder if People Fall Easily in this Trap

September 27, 2015 Stefan Heuer 7

Fabius, Merkel, even Erdogan recently announced they were ready to accept Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad as part of a solution in Syria. Shall we trust them? Even if western and regional administrations are now claiming ‘Assad was needed for a “diplomatic” or “political” solution in Syria’, there are still some facts to focus our attention on: 1. Focusing on [Continue reading…]

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sorry isil attack

September 24, 2014 Arabi Souri 1

All of us expected American air strikes on Iraqi land soon but we did not think that Americans will dare to bomb Syrian soil. But now after more than 40 countries mostly Arabs sharing the same interests with America have joined and now America has gained both the momentum and the courage to strike having more than 40 countries to [Continue reading…]

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American journalist Steven Sotloff

ISIL Posts Video of Beheading Second US Reporter

September 3, 2014 Arabi Souri 3

Another video was released by sites believed to be connected to the ISIL showing another American being beheaded by a masked ISIL Terrorist. However, The White House said that it had yet to authenticate the footage, which SITE said showed 31-year-old freelance writer Steven Sotloff on his knees beside an IS fighter with a knife. “If the video is genuine, we [Continue reading…]

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Abu Omar al Chechen is Dead!

May 21, 2014 Arabi Souri 3

The killing of the terrorist Abu Omar the Chechen military commander of ISIL from wounds sustained two days earlier in clashes with the terrorist group Al Nusra  in Deir al-Zour. His journey from turkey started on March 2014 in northern Syria and ended in Deir Al Zour one the hands of Al Nusra militants after fierce clashes. Military leader of [Continue reading…]

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