Prison Example

Germany Security Guards Mistreated Refugees

September 29, 2014S.0

The recent report from Germany about the treating of refugees at several refugee centers in North Rhine-Westphalia sounds like stories from Guantanamo or other U.S. jailhouses. According to the report by the German newspaper Spiegel, […]

German TV: Double Standards Ukraine

ukraine german satire reveals double standards

September 29, 2014S.4

The satirist Volker Pispers, one of the main figures behind the excellent satire tv show “Die Anstalt” in Germany, has exactly shown the double standards of Western news channels in their coverage on the events […]

Jobar / Syria

syria jobar cauldron jihadists

September 28, 2013Arabi Souri15

The German Jihadist Deso Dogg and his war in Syria. Syrian activists, including those who are close to the #SEA (Syrian Electronic Army), observe the “internet”, especially social media networks, since the beginning of 2012, […]