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Imperialists Heading for the Abyss

June 15, 2016 Stefan Heuer 0

“If you look into the Abbyss long enough, the Abbyss then will look back into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche   I. As their proxies fail, the warmongering imperialists deploy troops for warfare And now – the Germans… Yesterday reports did appear on the internet, stating that Germany deployed the special-ops-team “KSK” (similar to the british SAS) to Syria. It is said [Continue reading…]

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Genocidal but Still ‘Moderate’ – Germany Supports Its ‘Rebels’ for Certain Reason

May 7, 2016 Stefan Heuer 6

Following the heinous shelling of hospitals and residential areas in Aleppo by what the West labels ‘Syrian rebel militias’, German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on May 4th welcomed to Berlin the man the West claims is one leader of the Western-fabricated ‘Syrian opposition’. The man, better known as Riad Hijab, is a former short-time PM of Syria before he had [Continue reading…]

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Germany Merkel Syria

The Godfather of Terror Not Many Do Recognise

March 29, 2016 Stefan Heuer 0

Blaming only the USA, Saudi and Turkey for the genocide in Syria does not catch the whole picture. Germany is engaged in killings in Syria. It is not only the United States, France, Great Britain, the Turkey of wanna-be Caliph Erdogan and the Wahhabi terror kingdom of Saudi Arabia who are imposing a bloody, genocidal war by proxies with their [Continue reading…]

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Cologne:  Sexual, and Principle, Assaults

Cologne: Sexual, and Principle, Assaults

January 27, 2016 Miri Wood 4

Miri Wood, RNc Humanity’s celebrations of the New Year date back 4,000 years, to Babylonia; Babylonia which added a new moon to the vernal equinox (when light and dark are almost equal in a 24 hour period) and then began 11 days of glorifying barley, and the sky god’s victory over the sea goddess.  The month of January was less than [Continue reading…]

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Persuading the Multitudes: The Myth of the Syrian Refugee

December 18, 2015 Miri Wood 2

Miri Wood, RNc But can there be both a false and a true knowledge?, Socrates asks his doltish student, who has just enough sanity to answer, By no means. Just four pages later, though, when Socrates states, “Therefore when the rhetorician is more convincing that the doctor, the ignorant is more convincing among the ignorant, than the expert,” the student tilts his [Continue reading…]

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image- Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen with her forces

Germany Now Fights DAESH? Well, It’s not That Simple

December 6, 2015 Stefan Heuer 6

On Friday, Dec. 4, 2015, the German parliament, the Bundestag, with a great majority approved the federal governments plan to go at war with Syria, labelling this war a “fight against DAESH” in “self-defense”. I will come to this in a minute. The Bundestag approved a bill by the government to send Tornado-jets to Syria and a warship to the [Continue reading…]

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Greece Forgave Germany its Debt

greece forgave germanys debt germany wont forgive greeces debt

July 3, 2015 Mike A. 0

Greece forgave Germany’s Debt some 62 years ago, but now the greedy want to see Greece, the cradle of Europe’s civilization, fail.. One of the reasons Greece is punished is its historical plausible stance against the Israeli illegal ‘state’ and Greek’s pro-Palestinian policies, unlike Turkey of course which is despite its very criminal history is pampered by the West and [Continue reading…]

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