President Assad among SAA, Liberated Ghouta Families, with Love

March 19, 2018 Miri Wood 1

President Bashar al Assad, the leader of the Syrian Arab Republic, today visited the brave Syrian Arab Army on the front lines of Eastern Ghouta, where the battle against the western and Gulf backed radical terrorists continues.  President Bashar al Assad is a legendary leader in this area.  Imperialistic America is unleashing threats of bombing as response to Syria’s liberation [Continue reading…]

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Assad’s Regional Earthquake Prophecy Realizing

June 12, 2017 Arabi Souri 0

In his first interview with a western media since the beginning of the riots in Syria, President Dr. Bashar al-Assad sent a clear warning to foreign and regional powers working on destabilizing Syria, as usual, he was mocked, further demonized by the devil’s servants themselves. 6 years later, his warning earthquake prophecy is realizing throughout the region and beyond. The [Continue reading…]

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image- France Hollande - USA Trump - Germany Merkel

Germany Loves Terrorism

April 9, 2017 Stefan Heuer 0

Berlin, 2017-03-07: Germany’s Merkel pledges full support for the illegal US-attack against Syria. The smoke still stood over the scene of the Al-Shairat airfield near Homs, where Mr. Make America Great Again Trump’s Tomahawks had come down to deliver death and destruction, when the Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Merkel, rushed to the microphones and declared Germany’s full support for the [Continue reading…]

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image-Dawson Shreds AJ pro Terrorists Propaganda

Dawson Shreds Al-Jazeera Report on Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

December 18, 2016 Arabi Souri 1

Ryan Dawson, the political analyst, details the propaganda and misinformation broadcast in a report about the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus, Syria. Mr. Dawson goes on to explain how the connection between Qatar, some Saudi Arabia princes to the Muslim Brotherhood radical politial party and their militias terrorist groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda, FSA, Nusra Front.. whatever names they go [Continue reading…]

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image-Asma Al Assad

Syria: First Lady Asma al Assad Interview with Russia 24

October 18, 2016 Miri Wood 2

Syria’s First Lady Asma al-Assad gave an interview to Russia 24 channel talking about the current updates and her role as the president’s wife, the mother and sister of all Syrians and her duties in consoling the families of the fallen soldiers who martyred defending their country. Watch video in English, with Arabic captioning:

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President al Assad in Frontline with SAA Heroes

June 27, 2016 Miri Wood 10

by Afraa Dagher As the whole world participates in the global war against Syria, Syria’s President Bashar al Assad joined the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), for Ramadan iftar. The world’s viewpoint against our president and our army is the same as the so-called ISIS terrorists who consider President al Assad their main enemy.  ISIS terrorists call our president and [Continue reading…]

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image- Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad

How Syrian President Assad Shredded US Led Coalition?

December 3, 2015 Arabi Souri 3

Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad blew up the cover off the hypocrite Humanitarian Bastards in the West and their regional stooges exposing their real support to terror and setting the priorities for the Syrian people. In a recent interview with Czech TV Dr. Assad stated the situation in Syria will become better in a few months when the countries sponsoring [Continue reading…]

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Image - Western mainstream media failed analyzes of Syria

Western Mainstream Media Failed Analyzes of Syria

November 6, 2015 Arabi Souri 2

We sometimes wonder, not due any lack of knowledge but to give the benefit of the doubt to Western mainstream media, whether they are really attempting to report the truth or they’re just as we know them part of the propaganda machine of NATO? No wondering any more. Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in March 2011, Western mainstream [Continue reading…]

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