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Syria: Iranian Minister travels to Russia for talks about US war threats

Iranian analyst: Zionists extort Obama for war on Syria.

The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African affairs, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, will travel to the Russian capital Moscow next week in order to talk with several Russian officials about the turmoil and conflict in and around Syria, but especially about the increased possibility of a US-led war on Syria and methods to prevent such a horrible escalation and to find a political and diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict and to decrease the possibility of a foreign military strike on Damascus. (more…)

Obama & AIPAC

Syria: Obama’s Pretext for War

It seems many have forgotten the last two and a half years of western sabre-rattling and covert military aggression against the Syrian state. It is worth reiterating that without the vast amount of military, financial, and diplomatic largesse the west and their regional clients have thrown at the ?revolutionary rebels? in Syria ? who have now beyond doubt been exposed as sectarian extremists, lead and dominated by Al Qaeda ideologues ? the violent insurgency in Syria would have been defeated long ago by the Syrian army. (more…)