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European Solidarity Front for Syria-Romania
European Solidarity Front for Syria-Romania

Syrians, Arabs and foreigners from friendly countries gathered in Romanian capital Bucharest to express solidarity for Syria against the war of terror launched against the sovereign country, its people, its army, its state and its heritage by the weirdest coalition of evil powers spanning from radical cavemen fanatics from Tora Bora in NATO infested Afghanistan to anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists and NATO member states including once praised Turkey for its Islamism turned anti-Islamic Ottomanism and many stooges.

The only thing that combines the evil powers against Syria is the will to help the lobbies and corporations that control governments in the western countries, while those defending Syria are combined to defend humanity, peace and tolerance worldwide.

Rally for Syria in Bucharest, Romania
From the rally for Syria in Bucharest, Romania

Hundreds of men and women from the Syrian, Arab and friendly communities in Romania with a crowd of Romanian citizens gathered in Bucharest on Monday to send a clear message rejecting the ‘war for terror’ launched against Syria, the threats of aggression by the mad Nobel Peace laureate and his followers and to support the Syrian sovereignty.

As a Syrian citizen, on behalf of myself and all the people who I know, express our sincere thanks to each person who contributed in any way to assist Syria during this crisis, especially those who dedicate some of their time to expose the plot against Syria and the real goals of those ‘humanitarian bastards‘ willing to destroy each secular state to establish their filthy empire.

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