Syrian Government Approves the Dry Dock Project in Aleppo

image-Sheikh Najjar Industrial City - Aleppo Countryside
Sheikh Najjar Industrial City - Aleppo Countryside

After liberating the economic capital of Syria from the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, industrialists and merchants are re-opening their businesses and new projects are emerging, one of which is the Dry Dock project in Sheikh Najjar Industrial City.

The Dry Dock project in Sheikh Najjar Industrial City will be built in 2 phases: a 6 months planning phase after which a 2 years execution phase. The cost of the project is estimated at 14 Billion Syrian Liras ($28 million)

image-Sheikh Najjar Industrial City Map- Aleppo Countryside
Sheikh Najjar Industrial City Map- Aleppo Countryside

Syrian Minister of Transportation Ali Hammoud stated that his ministry is pursuing the extension of the railway to reach the Dry Dock and the containers yard in the Industrial City in Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo during 2017.

The railway’s extension is 25 kilometers long (15.5 miles) and connects Jibrin with Sheikh Najjar and from it to Mislmiya.

The dry dock railway port will have the capacity of handling up 10 million tons each year in loading, storage, and unloading, in addition to the cargo station that will handle the goods, the train will carry up to 1,000 passengers a day.

The Jibrin – Aleppo City Center railway trip was resumed last week after 5 years of stopping due to the terrorists infestation of the city and destroying the infrastructure in the ‘Moderate Rebels’ plot to convert the country from a producing country to a consuming country dependent on the west and regional stooges. The trip is 18 kilometers long (11.2 Miles).  In November 2012 Qatar and Turkey deployed their al Qaeda-FSA thugs to steal Syrian oil excavators from the city in broad daylight.

The railway will be able to ship up to a 1,000 tons of goods each trip, saving much time, effort and cost and the transportation roads and the need to constantly maintain it, not to mention the environmental benefits.

Prior to the ‘Moderate Rebels’ ‘democratizing’ of the Sheikh Najjar Industrial Area there were 330 factories and establishments some of which were only working with 5% to 10% of its capacities while the majority of the industrialists in the city await the security situation to be enhanced over all of Aleppo (including its western countryside), to resume their works.

This great project is an important step in returning to Syria’s ancient history of being the hub of the great Silk Road of development and trade.

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