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Syrian Ambassador at UNSC Slams Saudi Hypocrisy

At the United Nations Security Council there’s an ever existing article when periodically discussing the situation of the Middle East, which is the Palestinian cause. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey exposed their real intentions by covering on this topic to save Israel from any, even formal useless criticism, by diverting the attention from the Palestinian cause to the Syrian crisis they only contributed in creating, igniting, arming and blocking any peaceful solution to it.

Yesterday, 26 April 2013 meeting, saw a clear evidence of the Saudi, Qatari, Turkish alliance with Israel to bury the Palestinian cause as Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s ambassador to the UN explains in his speech replying to the Saudi hypocrisy. Below video with English subtitles show some of the arguments.

Syria, an establishing member of both the Arab League and the United Nations, is being taught international law and how to govern its own people by pariah states who do not have a parliament nor even a constitution in their own countries and at the same time financing terror in Syria and worldwide to destroy Islam from within. Yesterday, Syrian Minister of Information Mr. Omran Zo’bi called on the international community to list Qatar in the list of states sponsoring terror worldwide, read here (Qatar: The Global Sponsor of Terrorism)

Real Terror Exposed by Syria

The craziness and increased pressure against Syria comes at the time the Syrian Arab Army is advancing throughout the country and inflicting huge losses among the NATO sponsored Wahhabi Sex Jihadists. (example)

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