syria the secret document reveals saudi arabia authorities releasing prisoners sentenced to death in exchange for fighting in syria

IMPORTANT: The secret documentreveals Saudi Arabia authorities releasing prisoners sentencedtodeathin exchange forfightinginSyria. Official secret documentshows that SaudiArabiaauthoritiesorderedthereleaseofa group ofthemostdangerouscriminalscondemnedtodeath in exchange goingtofightinSyria. These most dangerous criminals were trainedand then sent for aJihadinSyria. The document is an exemption for the following prisoners and what nationality:



·        105Yemenis

·        21Palestinians 

·        212Saudi

·        96Sudanese

·        254Syrian

·        82Jordanian

·        68Somalis

·        32Afghans

·        194Egypt

·        203Pakistanis

·        23Iraqis

·        44Kuwaitis