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Syria: New Mortar Attack injures 3 people in Damascus

Terrorists fired mortar shells on Al-Hassan Mosque and Umayyad square in Damascus.

Today, the foreign-supported terrorists have not only attacked the residence of the UN team of experts in the Syrian capital, but also fired some mortar shells at the al-Hassan Mosque (Abu Rummaneh) and on the famous Umayyad square in the centre of Damascus.

However, the good news is probably that the reports “only” speak about three injured Syrian civilians, including a woman and a child. The sad news is certainly, that groups of terrorists are still able to carry out such attacks with mortar shells in and around the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The reports about the new attack by terrorists with mortar shells in the capital of Syria say that three civilians, including a child and a woman, have been wounded due to the attack. The foreign-supported terrorists have fired several mortar shells at civilian areas in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

One mortar shell hit the mosque of al-Hassan in the known district of Abu Rummaneh of Damascus today morning. According to other reports, the residence of the UN experts was the target of this mortar shell. However, the mortar shell hit the Al-Hassan Mosque in Abu Rummaneh (Damascus) and injured a Syrian civilian. The damage of the minaret of the Al-Hassan Mosque is sadly great.

Two other mortar shells, fired by a group of terrorists, hit a place very near to the Umayyad Square in the centre of the Syrian capital, Damascus. Two Syrian civilians, a mother and her child, were wounded by these two mortar shells of the terrorists.

As already reported, explosions were heard near the residence of the UN team of experts are staying in the Syrian capital. The team of inspectors from the United Nations (UN) are in Syria for the investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict. The investigation is said to have already begun by the UN team. At least, the reports implied that the investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians starts today.

This has not changed due to the possible attack of the residence with mortar shells fired by a group of terrorists. In addition, it seems that the Syrian government and the officials from the UN have agreed that the team of experts will also investigate (beside Khan al-Assal, Homs, and another area of Damascus) the alleged use of chemical agents / chemical weapons in Jobar (suburb of Damascus) on August 22.

The UN team of experts, who arrived in the Syrian capital on August 18, have the green light for their investigations by Damascus since yesterday. As it is known, the investigation will already begin today and will include an investigation of the recent alleged use of chemical weapons in Jobar on August 22. Both sides have agreed on the investigation of this location near Damascus by the UN team recently.

Meanwhile, the Iranian lawmaker and Member of Iran’s Majlis Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Mohammad Hassan Asafari, said in a new interview in terms of the war rhetoric by Washington against Syria that the United States would be the biggest loser in a potential war on Syria.

Damascus: Terrorists injure 8 Syrian citizens by mortar attacks (Source: FNA)

The Member of Iran’s Majlis Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy has also urged the Western governments to stay away from a military intervention in Syria because a military attack of Syria by foreign forces will only increase the suffering of the Syrians in the Arab nation.

Further, the lawmaker in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Hassan Asafari, also said today, that the U.S. administration in Washington would be the biggest loser in such a scenario.

The Iranian lawmaker also stated that the Western governments have resorted to a publicity war against the secular Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad because the attempts by the West to achieve a victory against the Syrians, their government in Damascus and especially against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has failed. Thus, the West tries it now with a publicity war against Syria and boosts the war rhetoric, based on lies and propaganda.

According to Mohammad Hassan Asafari, the governments in the West have fabricated similar excuses, as the current allegations against the Syrian government, in order to be able to invade Iraq ten years ago. He also added that the West is attempting to win concessions from the Syrian government by accusing the government of President Bashar al-Assad of using chemical agents and thereby establish some sort of international consensus against the Syrian leadership.

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