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Salehi: There is a global war waged against Syria

The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Akbar Salehi, said in a in a press conference with the Lebanese Foreign Minister (caretaker government) Adnan Mansour in Tehran that the arming of the terrorist groups will certainly prolong the conflict in Syria. The joint press conference of Adnan Mansour and Ali Akbar Salehi took place on Saturday in the beautiful city of Tehran, Iran.

In this press conference yesterday, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Akbar Salehi, also stressed that his country Iran opposes the arming of the mercenary terrorist groups in Syria and that Iran will not allow any attempts of foreign powers to impose their will on the people of Syria.

Mr. Salehi also said the following quote at this joint press conference with the Foreign Minister of the Lebanese caretaker government Adnan Mansour:

“We did not hide our support of the Syrian people and repeatedly announced that our support is economic… infrastructure in Syria was sabotaged and the Iranian people should provide the Syrians with basic materials, we are also supporting Syria politically and will continue this support.” (Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Akbar Salehi on Saturday)

In addition, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Akbar Salehi, also spoke about the upcoming “international conference” on the topic Syria and confirmed that Iran will participate in such a conference on Syria in the case if the conference was held.

The Minister also added that Iran opposes every meeting that will lead to the delivery of weapons to the mercenaries and gunmen in Syria while Salehi criticized the hypocritical policy of double standards by the Western countries in terms of the Syrian conflict.

The Iranian Foreign Minister Salehi said that Tehran will support all upcoming meetings which take part in order to solve the crisis in a way that ensures the Syrian national interests while it opposes any implementation of external will on the Syrian people in the Arab nation.

Iran / Syria

Iran / Syria

Salehi hit the core of truth with the statement that there is a global war waged against Syria and added the following to it yesterday:

“Be sure that when a country’s people support its leadership, then there is no force that can impose its will on this people.”

For his part, he Foreign Minister of the Lebanese caretaker government Adnan Mansour also said that sending weapons to the Syrian opposition does not serve peace and dialogue and this is correct (of course). The Lebanese Minister also stressed his rejection of dialogue that does not lead to results but only further prolongs the crisis.

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