SAA Restores Hteitat Turkman

SAA Soldier
SAA Soldier

One den after the other falling by the hands of the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army proves their determination and ability to cleanse Syria from the filth of the US, French, Qatari, Turkish, Saudi backed Wahhabi terror, Hteitat Turkman just added to the more fuel to the furious ‘humanitarian bastards‘.

Fighting terrorist groups and winning the battle against them such remarkably where ‘super powers’ failed in fighting much lesser in men and power like the US regime(s) vs. the Al Qaeda group they only created in Afghanistan, can only tell the men of the Syrian Arab Army earn all respect worldwide.

Hteitat Turkman Village in Damascus Ghouta
Hteitat Turkman Village in Damascus Ghouta

Hteitat Turkman village, a small town but positioned strategically near the Damascus International Airport and closer to the main road connecting the Syrian capital with the country’s largest commercial airport.

At least 100 terrorists eliminated, 150 others injured, all from the Nusra Front & Islamist State in Iraq & Levant branches branches of the US-backed FSA.

Hidden depots the terrorists used were destroyed, the weapons and munition they held in these depots included heavy machine-guns, RPGs, BKCs, AK47s, vehicles mounted with 23mm anti-aircraft machine-guns and 14.5mm machine-guns, the Obama regime’s killing tools the SAA confiscated.

The town restored comes in a series of achievements by the Syrian Arab Army and other armed forces against the vile force of darkness, pushing these filth away into the Qalamon mountains near the borders with Lebanon where the SAA will have a hunting season by this year end as anticipated to commemorate the Geneva 2 conference, if the latter is ever held.

Terrorists used the open and wide plains connecting the Jordanian and Iraqi deserts in the east and open into the Qalamon mountains into Lebanon in the west.

Side of the battles by Syrian media:

The terrorists retaliated by increasing their level of attacks against civilians and the country’s infrastructure. Suicide bombing, mortar shelling, herds attacking remote villages and beheading by their brethren wherever they’re located all over Syria and across the borders were part of their punishment for the Syrian people for not joining their ‘peaceful revolution’ against the ‘infidels’ in order to establish the anti-Islamic pro-NATO Islamist Wahhabi caliphate.

It will be a grave mistake if the Syrian leadership stops the Qalamon battle for any reason especially if requested by the Russians or even by the US regime officially or non-officially. Previously such ‘deals’ led to Syrians paying dearly in Baba Amro when the Arab League observers came, and the Damascus Eastern Ghouta mass infestation by terrorists when the UN observers came in. Such ‘deals’ always come when the SAA is in full advance and only serves Al Qaeda.

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