saa operation latakia countryside

SAA Armored Vehicles
SAA Armored Vehicles

Official Syrian Arab Army sources confirmed a successful operation carried out by an SAA unit this morning in Latakia countryside that delivered a strong blow to the backbone of the terrorists in the area.

The operation resulted in destroying a missile’s warehouse in Ain Eissa in Latakia countryside. 19 terrorists were counted among the killed including a Tunisian member of the FSA, the Free Syrian Army called Abu Khaled Tijani who is reportedely an expert in making explosives.

11 vehicles used by the terrorists were also destroyed, 3 of them were mounted with missile launchpads.

The operation comes in a series of qualitative operations carried out by the SAA, NDF, the National Defense Forces, Syrian Resistance and local volunteers to defend the residents of the area. Latakia countryside was targeted systematically by Wahhabi terrorists smuggled into the area by Turkish prime minister Erdogan intelligence forces. The August massacre just confirmed recently by the UNHRW was one of the heinous crimes committed by Erdogan thugs there.

Meanwhile, the Obama regime ruling the USA and their followers the UK poodles, the French lackeys and their regional stooges still consider these fanatic anti-Islamic Islamist terrorists as ‘moderate opposition forces’ fighting a ‘legal’ massacre and suicide bombing war against the Syrian people..

Obama regime handling of weapons
Obama regime handling of weapons
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