saa eliminates fsa group idlib countryside

Qaminas and Almastumah in Idlib countryside
Qaminas & Almastumah in Idlib Countryside

A Syrian Arab Army unit with the cooperation of locals and the National Special Task Brigade set a successful ambush for a group of anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists, the group was eliminated and its weapons confiscated.

Idlib the city and most of the countryside are protected by the SAA and local forces from the terrorists except for some pockets where terrorists get smuggled into Syria across the borders by Erdoğan forces, the Turkish prime minister dreaming of becoming the new Islamist caliph.

Qaminas and Almastumah in Idlib countryside
Qaminas and Almastumah in Idlib countryside

The terrorist group targeted belongs to so called ‘Levant Eagles Battalions’, whatever, just another name of Al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front or ISIS or FSA, all these death squads work for the CIA at the end.

The ambush was set on the road between Qaminas and Almastumah towns south of Idlib city.

SAA killed and injured all the group’s members and confiscated 2 mortar cannons 120mm with 54 projectiles with their explosive charges of different sizes, Kalashinkovs and other weapons.

The following video report by Syrian state TV explains more (watch on YouTube if needed):

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