Russia Engages in Syria – Why That Late?

President Assad met Putin in Moscow
President Assad met Putin in Moscow

Yes! I do cherish the Russian intervention in Syria. I applaude Russia for supporting Syria, like I applaude Iran, Hezbollah and (not to be forgotten:) China. I enjoy watching the videos with Russian jets bringing the end to those who killed, tortured, raped and terrorized the wonderful Syrian people for years.

Anyway, there still remains one single question, and this question is not being answered yet and also not covered by all the enthusiasm and pro-Putin-laudations of the last three weeks.

President Assad met Putin in Moscow
President Assad met Putin in Moscow

The question remaining unanswered is:

  • If Russia really was eager to support the legitimate government (and president) of Syria, why does Russia come that late?
  • If Russia really cared for the Syrian people – why did Russia wait for 4.5 years, watching a thoroughly planned war, imposed on Syria by the imperialistic monsters we all know: USA, UK, France (together with the regimes of Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and the support of Germany, Canada, Australia and other slave nations)? Why did Russia wait and watched the beautiful nation of Syria, the heartland of civilization, going to rubbles, with hundreds of thousands being killed by the frankenstein monsters of western imperialism, by the US-“boots on the grounds”, labelled “FSA”, “Jabhat alNusra” (aka al-Qaeda), ISIS (or IS, ISIL, DAESH)?
  • If Russia really wanted to protect Syria, why had so many Syrians been expelled from their homes by the terrorist, leaving their homes and becoming refugees, people who now completly rely on the help and care of others? Why did Russia allow millions of Syrians being forced out of their country, pulling out 480 bn SyP from the homeland? Why had tens of thousands of young (and old) men and women of Syria to sacrifice their precious lives, before Russia went in to exterminate the western boots on the grounds in Syria?

To make it very clear: I stand with Russia. I stand with Russia and applaude the strikes on the Wahahbi gangsters like I stand with Syria – and everyone reading my Facebook-postings from the last 4 years can not deny I try to support Syria. I stand with Russia and Syria like I stand with Iraq and all nations affected by the Western terror.

But this question remains at the horizon, unanswered. And all the Putinists, all the “hail Vlad”-shouting people on social media never cared for this fact: For 4.5 long years, Russia allowed the Western terroristic nations to impose terror, war, genocide, devastation, plunder, death and pain on a people that has posed no threat to anyone. For 4.5 years, Russia stood aside, watching the western media-campaign demonizing Assad whilst the western proxy armies of FSA, al-Qaeda and ISIS marched in and genocided the Syrian people, plundered the Syrian wealth and imposed utter pain on a civilized people.

Russia: if you really cared for Syria – why did you wait that long? Why did you not step up and fight at the Syrian side from the first day? Why did you not threaten the Western terroristic entities (including the disgraceful, Zionist-run regime of my nation) with war to stop them genociding the Syrian people? Why, after the Libyan disaster, when the NATO-aggression made Russia looking like a fool sitting aside on the bench and barking, did you not come up earlier – if you really wanted to avoid Syria becoming the next Libya?

Truly, the lesson of the past decades, dominated by the world-terror-tour of the US-empire and its lackeys, only can be: own nukes, or ensure yourself the direct support by a nation that owns nukes, to prevent your nation from being eaten by the greedy imperialistic Western terror.

The USA is a nation of cowards. The USA has proven itself to be clever, letting others fight the war it wanted to be. Like its master, the UK, the USA is abusing coalitions to let people bleed for its very own interests. This is one lesson of the two devastating world wars of the 20th century. Either in WWI as in WWII, the USA stepped in at the point where clearly the enemy was weak enough not to pose a real threat to the USA itself.

After 1945, the USA turned to the model of ‘let others fight the wars we need’ – such in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Central Asia, Africa, Middle East. Vietnam taught the world that the USA is incapable of even throwing a tin can on an apple tree, if being left alone in the fight. Therefore, the USA is always eager to create and support proxies, bring in mercenaries, to do the bloody job.

In case the USA ‘intervenes’ to ‘protect’ its ‘national intersts’ and to fight for ‘democracy and freedom’ abroad, the USA always ensures the nation it is going to destroy is no longer capable of defending itself against the “exceptional” (Obama) superpower. First they impose sanctions, then they bomb the strategic military posts, destroy the air-defense, then they bomb the cities and invade the rest. This has to be learned from all wars the USA imposed on the world. The USA is the master of deception, lies, propaganda, black-ops and False Flags. The victims count in the millions.

The lesson from history only can be: The USA-led “West” is a rough terroristic death star. This death-star terminates anyone who is not willing to bow to western supremacy, and who is not capale of a proper defense against the western NATO-terror.

Regarding these facts, which must be eye-opening to anyone with a mind, it is hard to believe that Russia, that the smart leader Putin did not know about the US-way to gain domination and to lead wars. So, why did Russia not step in earlier? Some people say, Russia wanted the US to bleed in a swamp. Well. I leave that to you, uncommented.

There may be facts that we, the ordinary people, will never get to know. Do we really know all about the Russian aid for Syria? Do we know the Syrian government’s stance towards a direct intervention by its partners (which also includes Iran)? Do we really know the secret diplomacy, the efforts of the Russian government, in accordance with China and other partners, to counter the pure evil terrorism the whole west is imposing on the Syrian nation? Do we really know all the details of the military capabilities of the Russian Army, which, obviouly, is stepping up and advancing in enourmos speed and quality? No, we are not really informed about such details.

We do not know the secrets, and maybe we never will be knowing them. And, of course, a clever leader will not always publically announce his aims and methods. Would we do so, facing an enemy that is aiming to kill us? The only thing we can regard as realistic is that in 2015 the combat capabilities, the “firepower” of the Russian Army is stronger than it was in 2011.

The terrorism and Wahhabi ideology is a threat to Russia and China. Remember Chechnya. Russia and China have teamed up to combat this threat, and – obviously – they now have come to the conclusion that it is better to confront the enemy, which not that much is ISIS and alQaeda but the West, at the place where it actually is enganged. For Russia and China, it is better to bomb Syrian territory, exterminating the western “assets” (Brezinski) on the ground – and, by that, pushing out the terroristic western entities’ influence on the region. What would happen if Russia and China still stood aside? The terror would destroy Syria, Iraq, it would then attack Iran, and incase Iran would fall, the Zio-Wahabi thugs of the Pentagon- and Wallstreet-monsters would have gained free entry into the central asian parts of Russia and China.

If a fire breaks out at the house of your neighbor, you can either sit and watch, doing nothing, waiting for the fire to get to your house. Or you can help your neighbor fight the fire at his house – not only for the reason of morale and friendship, but for the reason of appropriate self-defense.

It is this scenario, that Russia made to decide to step into Syria and defend itself by defending Syria.

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