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One of the daughters of Saudi King Abdullah has called on people across the kingdom to rise against the ruling regime.

The eldest daughter, Sahar, who is under house arrest along with three of her sisters in the city of Jeddah, said in a video message that victory is theirs.

She says in a video that was removed from youtube: “We inspire from sheikh  Al Nimr(who is an anti regime activist imprisoned for more than 2 years in Saudi prisons) our pride and freedom and we will stay still till GOD leads us to victory”

“Greetings to martyrs and to free men in jail. It is an honor for me to learn the meaning of freedom, rights and dignity from you revolutionary people,” the 42-year-old Saudi princess said.

“We promise to follow in your footsteps and not to let go of your hands. God’s hand will be above us. We learn determination from Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr, the Sheikh of free men,” she said referring to Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who was attacked, injured and arrested by regime forces in Qatif region over calls for the release of political prisoners.

“For this reason, we will press ahead on the path by our own will,” she added.

“And we will become victorious with faith in God. Good luck, you who have honored us by raising the flags of freedom. Your sisters, Sahar and Jawahir,” Sahar stated in the message.

These two sisters Sahar and her other sister few months ago appeared in a video also talking on how they were mistreated and imprisoned in their house  and not well fed (we posted an article before, recheck for more info )

This is the link for the deleted video on youtube:


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