Diary of War Syria #Damascus

January 4, 2016Miri Wood0

[Arabic follows English] Advertisment It was a winter evening, raining and almost snowing here.  It is too cold.  We were freezing, my Syrian soldier friend told me. I went to seek some wood, to burn it. […]

Christmas in Syria: An Inside Look

December 27, 2015Miri Wood3

Christmas in Syria–What were the Christmas hymns in Syrian churches? An inside look by Afraa Dagher, in Syria Advertisment Syria, the country facing the ugliest war ever witnessed in the new era. Syria, which is one […]

US UK French Death Squads Bomb Homs

December 13, 2015Miri Wood5

Miri Wood, RNc Advertisment On 12 December, gutless “moderate” takfiri “rebels” remotely detonated 15o kg of explosives, in a parked car, in the al Zahraa neighborhood of Homs, Syria.    Sixteen people were slaughtered, dozens […]

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