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Syria government delegation expose hypocrites


On an exceptional basis we are sharing this highly important extract in Arabic from the opening speech at Moscow Conference by Dr. Bashar Jaafari, permentant representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations and head of Syria Government delegation to Moscow peace initiative to solve the Syrian Crisis. We will continue to look for the official translation of these very astonishing revelations and we will share it. من ...

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An Episode from Gaza Genocide


The irony is not the heinous crimes committed against Gaza by the children killer Netanyahu, and not by the States Department in the United States of America congratulating the children killer for his victory against other children killers rivals, it’s about the non-Jew Arabs who contributed in the fake ‘elections’.. Ahmad Al-Sawafiri, a Palestinian teacher who lost both legs and left arm after Israel bombed his home in the last ...

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Canada Sponsors Terror


Whenever you see someone more vocal against something, it’s most likely they’re trying to cover their role in that something.. Tried to explain it as simple as possible. Nothing surprises the Syrian people especially when seeing the main sponsors of terror acting as anti-terror coalition, they’ve also seen recently the children killer Netanyahu of Israel march in Charlie Hebdo rally against terror, how low can it be? Don’t jump to ...

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Understand the Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images

Phosphorus bombs on Gaza.

Understand the Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images.

The only full country occupied on the planet by another force is Palestine occupied by Israel; the other half country occupied by force is half of Cyprus island by Turkey.

The last apartheid regime in the world. One of the few religious based 'states' in the world.

The largest tax haven, criminal gangs headquarters, number 1 illegal human organ trader followed by Turkey as no. 2, the 2nd aggressor against other nations after the USA, the horrible land grabber (thief), rejected over 60 United Nations Security Council resolutions with impunity provided by the USA, lives as a parasite on US Taxpayers money and welfare, also receives huge sums from German Taxpayers and other western nations.... Simply put: it's the sewerage of the world and your politicians work hard to make it the new empire after they suck the last drop in your veins.

Understand the Israeli - Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images - ThrivalRoom
Understand the Israeli - Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images

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