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A Big Fat Lie Will Become a Movie ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’

Gay Girl in Damascus Movie

Homosexuality in Syria is outlawed not because there’s no respect to personal freedom, on the contrary, it is because Syrians highly appreciate personal freedom and do respect this freedom. Homosexuality is an abnormal behavior and to prove it just think if it was a normal behavior throughout the past millenniums you wouldn’t exist. A Gay Girl in Damascus is not about a blogger went missing, it’s about everything else. To protect personal freedom this freedom ...

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The Best Solution for a ‘Jewish State’

Israeli Flag Apartheid

The USA would be the ideal ‘home country for a Jewish state’, there’s plenty of empty land there and since the USA is the biggest backer of Israel they should welcome this initiative. It will solve almost all problems in the world. Instead of paying the Zionists billion of dollars each year to kill Palestinians and create wars all around, the US regime would be investing in its own land ...

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Kerry Accuses Syria of Using Chlorine, Liar!

John Kerry Colin Powell redo

US Regime mouthpiece John Kerry reopens the old books to dig out something to bargain with after his thugs failed strategically all over Syria accusing the Syrian government of using Chlorine against own people. Who will buy this BS? We are as much ‘absolutely certain’ that nobody will weigh his claims for several reasons. One of the reasons would be a logical one: Why would a government regular army resort to a ...

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With ‘Moderate Rebels’ Like These, Who Needs Terrorists?

Financial shutdown in the USA doesn't affect financing terror abroad

The Obama regime insists on fooling further their foolable citizens by claiming they’re aiding a ‘Moderate Rebels’ faction against terrorist organizations like ISIS, and against the government of Bashar Assad in Syria, which the ‘global legitimacy distributor’ decided it lost its legitimacy.

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Aleppo Explosions Explained

Explosion in Aleppo

The west and their propaganda machine has not got tired lying and their Sheeple has not got tired believing their lies and we will not get tired exposing their lies. Whitewashing the terrorists and their acts to use them in the war of attrition against the Syrian state is the official policy of NATO and their regional stooges. Syrian ambassador to the United Nations explains the cause and results of ...

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Breaking: Joe Biden, US Vice President, Has Feelings!!

Biden has feelings.. somehow.

With lots of difficulty trying to avoid gloating this death, I couldn’t but be surprised from the news that came like a shock: The vice president of the United States of America has feelings and wept during the public memorial service for his son who died of an illness. Joe Biden is the 2nd in charge of the very regime that stole billions of US dollars from his own citizens ...

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The Heroism and Bravery of the Syrian Arab Army

SAA Soldier

In an interview on Al Mayadeen TV on 22 May 2015 with Mohammad Raad, the senior official in Lebanese Hizbullah and head of the Hizb’s parliament bloc, Mr. Raad highly praised the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army in a way most of those who hate reality deny, or even can imagine as they were trying to refute all the time.   Some radicals and fanatics counted on the supporters ...

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