Syria: al Qaeda Now Has Two Air Forces

September 20, 2016Miri Wood1

by Miri Wood Advertisment Updated to include videos of Ambassador al Ja’afari’s statement to the UN, 21 September.  Arabic follows simultaneous translation. Two days ago, the coalition of 66 countries led by the US, bombed a Syrian […]

Syria Shoots Down Israeli Jet & Drone

September 14, 2016Miri Wood2

by Miri Wood and Afraa Dagher Advertisment Once again, Israel has rushed to help al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. In response to the recent successes of the Syrian Arab Army in culling the foreign-sponsored savages, […]

No Picture


September 10, 2016Miri Wood0

by Katen Day Advertisment Note of the author: This article consists of a brief rundown of the latest Russia-US agreement’s major points. The referenced articles discuss the agreement facts but also the analysis each author […]