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Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan Goes Rabid Ahead of Elections

'Erdoğan thinks he's a Muslim Caliph'President Assad

Embattled Muslim Brotherhood Prime Minister of Turkey needs any victory anywhere and at any price to distract the Turkish public from his embezzlement and corruption scandals topped up with the unprecedented oppression against freedoms in his country not least is the ban on Twitter and threats to ban Facebook & other social media platforms, a retard policy by a rabid criminal. In a serious provocation and after series of important ...

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Another ‘Humanitarian’ Crime in Daraa by Obama Thugs

Daraa Garaz Prison Crime

There’s not a single day that passed during the current Syrian crisis without a massacre occurring, the difference between them is the media attention and how to exploit media to shape the western public opinion to justify sponsoring Alqaeda after more than a decade claiming to be fighting them under the pretext of ‘humanitarian aid’. Crimes against humanity committed in Syria by the ‘Humanitarian Bastards‘ and their thugs cannot be ...

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Biggest Setback for Terror in Homs – Al-Hosn Citadel Liberated

Al Hosn Castle (Krak Des Chevaliers) Liberated

After 2 years of being infested by the world’s filthiest filth, Al-Hosn Citadel is liberated by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army. The citadel known as Krak Des Chevaliers, a medieval monument that stood for centuries was saved today once again by the Syrians from the enemies of humanity. SAA adding more gains in the accelerated advances to clean the country from the Obama regime-backed anti-Islamic anti-humanity Wahhabi terrorists from ...

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That is a Relief and an Achievement:the Nuns are Free


Three different parties negotiated with Al-Nusra Front emir in Qalamoun, Abu Azzam al-Kuwaiti, in his headquarters in Yabroud over releasing the kidnapped nuns from Maloula before reaching the final deal on Sunday, the local daily Assafir reported Monday. However, what had preceded the happy conclusion? Publishing the full story behind the nuns’ release, Assafir newspaper said that in the wake of the kidnapping, two tracks of negotiation started on the ...

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Facts, and Fascism of U.S. Department of State, and its Impostrous Corporate Media Echolaliacs

Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syria's permanent representative at the United Nations

Facts, and Fascism of U.S. Department of State, and its Impostrous Corporate Media Echolaliacs by Miri Wood R.N.,c On Wednesday, March 5th, 2014, in the midst of Jen Psaki’s daily State Department briefing [1], a reporter stated that there were murmurings among Syrian bloggers, that Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, had been placed within a 25 mile radius of an open air jail, and ...

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Syria: al-Zara Liberated

al-Zara town liberated by SAA & NDF in Homs western countryside

The strategic al-Zara town is liberated. The shock-waves that will follow will be huge, not to the level of liberating Qussayr, but to a very large extent. al-Zara is a very important town supporting terrorists fortifying in al-Hosn Castle (Krak des Chevaliers), and threatening the main Homs – Tartous highway. Syrian Arab Army forces SAA, in cooperation with the local National Defense Forces, NDF, managed to storm the town from ...

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Assad Expresses Solidarity with Putin Efforts to Restore Security in Ukraine

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad voiced solidarity with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin’s efforts to restore security and stability in Ukraine. In an cable sent to the Russian leader, Assad said expressed “on his behalf and on behalf of the Syrian people Damascus’ solidarity with President Putin’s efforts to restore security and stability to the friendly country of Ukraine in face of the coup attempts against legitimacy and democracy, in favor ...

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The End is Near Or Is It

The process of tightening the grip around the armed groups’ last strongholds in Yabroud in Qalamoun Mountains is taking place, in concurrence with an appeal by the leaders of these groups for their certainty of losing the battle against the Syrian Army, in the middle of calls for opening a new front in order to occupy the Army in Qalamoun. Yabroud is the last stronghold for militants in Qalamoun The ...

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The Final Damascus Saga & The Assassination of Dr. Bashar Al Assad

NATO Sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria

A former diplomat from a GCC country claimed in a short chat that his country’s officials have received confirmed information from sources in the United States administration that the assassination of the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad is a matter of days only, after which the whole Syrian crisis will find its way to resolving, the US style. Since the beginning of the riots in Syria aka the Arab ...

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