Open Letter to President Obama

Akela Husseinowitsch Obama
Akela Husseinowitsch Obama



by Miri Wood, R.N.,c.

Mr. President, do you remember these words?

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend, the Constitution of the United States.”

Did not you, the Constitutional lawyer, recite them, not once, but twice, take this oath? Might you please explain how the bombing of Syria, scheduled to begin, today, when the U.N. inspectors leave Damascus, will help in the promotion of the general welfare, of the United States population?

Is it not enough, Mr. President, that while you have overseen the dismantling of public schools in our country, and the ripping to shreds of the social services safety net for U.S. citizenry, you have already sent more than $815 million to the barbarian mercenaries deployed to destroy Syria?   How did your Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, manage to state that “the president of the United States is elected with the duty to protect the national security interests in the United States of America” [1] at the recent press briefing, without his nose growing several meters, as Syria does not, and has not, been a threat to U.S. “security interests”?

Sir, can you please explain how it is possible, that you, with the intelligence capabilities of the most feared and rabid country in the world, might be totally ignorant of the geopolitical situation in Syria, while I, a mere layperson with mere internet access, might offer decent political analyses of the situation?

How can you not know that U.S. taxes, instead of going to improve decaying U.S. infrastructure and/or a productive jobs program, has gone to behead dozens of Syrian citizens, blow up university professors in their cars, assassinate internationally respected sheikhs – and their grandsons — in mosque, at prayer,burn down centuries-old souks, commit massive acts of cultural genocide loot Syrian factories, launch chemical weapons grade attack against the population of Khan al Assalblow up engineering students and architectural students, in the midst of their studies, in separate terrorist attacks, and acts of literal cannibalism, to name a mere few of the bottomless pit of atrocities that have battered Syria, since the NATO and Qatar and Saudi and Israel proxy war against this country began, almost three years ago

How were you able to applaud McCain’s illegal entry into Syria, to break bread with his kidnapping and cannibal friends (imagine a foreign politician sneaking into the U.S., to meet with “rebels” murdering your population, and trying to assassinate you!)?   How did you miss your co-Nobel Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire’s report on her tour of Syria and Syrian refugee camps in Jordan?

How do you ignore NATO’s own research that reports 70% (seventy) of Syrians support their country, and their President al Assad against the terrorist invaders?  [2]  How do you use YouTube videos uploaded by these mercenary forces, as justification to finalize the destruction of Syria, while ignoring the YouTube video of the terrorists in a lab in the Turkish border, killing two rabbits with what appears to be VX, an actual nerve agent (GB has not been used by the Wahhabi sex Jihadists, against Syria; weapons grade chlorine has.  The GB propaganda was begun by Israeli intelligence, and regurgitated by globalized Vichy urinalists).

Keev? Mr. President, keev?

How do you rear two adolescent daughters while spending private time with your “Kill List”?  [3]  How do you ever kiss your children while running death squads against the Syrian?  How do you justify your own barbarity to them?  Prior to the beginning of our heinous proxy war, Syria had no enmity towards US. [4]

I am a U.S. born, U.S. citizen who has never seen anything other than genocide committed by my country, throughout my not too-long life time.   How do you forget we were founded as arepublic, not as a satrap of the British empire whose “royalty” we shed our own blood for which to rid ourselves?   Dr. Franklin and my distant cousins who fought fascism in World War II, are all rolling in our graves, for what the US has become, a hideous abomination. 

Though pleasantly shocked that the Cameron regime will not be joining your impending atrocity, it appears that Francoise Hollande (who, by the way, really could use a new colorist, to get rid of that shoe polish shine) will be joining you.

Funny how the countries who have used chemical weapons against civilian populations in the past [4] can destroy other countries, under the excuse that these countries have done the same, is it not?

A plague on your houses, Mr. President, if you bring your slowly genocidal, covert attack on Syria out of the closet.

Allow me to also quote your former minister, the Reverend Wright, whom you un-remorsefully threw under a bus:  “Goddamn America.  Goddamn America.

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

Real Leaders of Wahhabism
Real Leaders of Wahhabism
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