obama regime wants to redo criminal bushs war on humanity in iraq and on usa an

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Obama regime wants to redo criminal Bush's war on humanity in Iraq and on USA and expand it further.

Iraq For Sale – History Repeats Itself

Does anyone remember the Iraq war? We sure do! Remember how private military contractors profiteered by price gouging every opportunity they had? Billing the government $100 for a six pack of Coke or a load of laundry? Leasing $45,000 vehicles for $250,000 and pocketing the difference?Remember the lives lost -both American and Iraqi? Remember how #Iraq was destroyed and #ISIS grew stronger?SHARE because it's happening all over again thanks to #Obama's new war plans! Watch the Brave New Films documentary "Iraq For Sale", FREE: httpsa//httpa//www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q8y-4nZP6o&list=PLQ9B-p5Q-YOPHEFZF9mVfQ8ay6rBhYcjqSHARE because it never really ended, and it's about to ramp back up! #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

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