navy seals qaeda brothers arms

British made AS-50 sniper rifle

Don’t be shocked to see an AS-50 sniper rifle in the hands of Al Qaeda FSA terrorists fighting the Syrian people, their Syrian state and their Syrian Army, the SAA. At the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian authorities confiscated sniper rifles worth of $25,000 each with a remote control system attached to a laptop, a satellite connection and a thermal scope..

British made AS-50 sniper rifle
British made AS-50 sniper rifle

British made AS-50 is meant to be used by British special forces & US Navy Seals, and of course Al Qaeda FSA Wahhabi Sex Jihadists.

Support Obama’s gun control law, you are in safe hands: Navy Seals & Al Qaeda Brothers in Arms!

Enjoy a member of so called: Ahfad Rasoul or Prophet’s Grandsons, just a biblical name for criminal mercenaries to delude the Sheeple, sniping people with the state of the art rifle used by their brothers in arms:

Ahmad Moath Khatib, Chief of Nusra Front or Al Qaeda Levant mentioned at the last Arab Summit in Doha, Qatar, that they are not embarrassed to announce they received $365 million in direct aid from the USA, despite a US official was embarrassed, as he put it.

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