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Home - Lebanon - Lebanon: Salafist Militants killed 15 Soldiers, 40 are wounded until now

Lebanon: Salafist Militants killed 15 Soldiers, 40 are wounded until now

Very radical Salafist thugs have killed at least 15 honorable Lebanese soldiers in the persisting clashes in the southern city of Sidon between the supporters of the radical Salafist group and the Lebanese army – thus, it seems that the “Lebanese government” has to finally care about the northern area of their country or more Lebanese people will soon have to pay for the corruption and laziness of the so-called heads of Lebanon, while Saad Hariri laughs.

The tense fighting between the Salafist militants and the Lebanese army continued into today`s morning as a group of Lebanese security forces attempted to encircle some militants who support the terrorist and religious fanatic – the Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Assi. Previously, this group of radical Salafist militants have carried out a deadly attack against an army checkpoint of the Lebanese army in the port city yesterday.

Not only people have been killed so far, but also dozens of people were already injured due to the armed clashes between the Lebanese army and these religious fanatic and armed thugs and terrorists in northern Lebanon. According to the latest reports, which are unconfirmed, at least 40 more soldiers of the Lebanese army have been wounded already because of these fights. It is not to mention that these fights were long overdue. Sad but true.

According to witness accounts cited in local reports by the Lebanese media agencies, machine gun and rocket fire shook the town of Sidon that is located about 40 kilometers (28 miles) away, in the south, from the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

Beirut, Lebanon

The Lebanese soldiers and units blamed the deadly violence on the Salafi (Salaifst) militants and thugs who support the known terrorist-cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Assi. In addition, it is clear that the Salafi sheik was not happy about the role of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah in Syria.

One might think this Salafist cleric loves Israel and the Wahhabi terrorists in Syria too much and thus, he was not happy about Hezbollah supporting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in removing some waste from Syrian soil.

But it is true – the terrorist-cleric and Salafist idiot Sheikh Ahmed al-Assi was expressing his outrage over the supportive role of the honorable Hezbollah alongside the Syrian army and government.

The latest clashes reportedly broke out yesterday after the arrest of one of Assir’s followers by the Lebanese police at a checkpoint and it seems these clashes have last till today morning.

Of course, that these radical Salafist militants, same waste what is fighting in Syria against the secular Arab nation and people, call on their dumb supporters to take on the streets and also fight is a huge threat for the rest of security and stability in Lebanon. It is a dangerous move and hopefully this Salafist scum won`t be successful.