latakia countryside battles continue

An SAA unit in action
An SAA unit in action

Syrian Arab Army units assisted with Syrian Resistance and National Defense Forces continue their operations against the concentrations of terrorists in Latakia countryside.

The second day of Eid Al-Adha, today, reported successful military operations targeting the terrorists in a number of the villages and the SAA managed to kill loads of them, estimates of tens terminated. The terrorists were mainly from Yemen, Chechnya, Saudi and Turks, they’re all members of the Free Syrian Army as Obama’s Regime tell the world.

In another operation, SAA units addressed a group of terrorists tried to sneak into Ishaya top and Sterba Military Observatory. A number of the terrorists were killed while the rest fled the scene.

Thugs hideouts in Droshan, Franlaq, Nuwara, Kbeir and Atiera were targeted. A weapons warehouse, 3 vehicles loaded with weapons and munition and 6 vehicles mounted with DShK‎ heavy machine guns. A number of the terrorists near the targets were killed, 5 of them were commanders in Obama Regime’s Wahhabi terrorists.

Terrorist dens in Salma and Dourin villages were also targeted, one DShK‎ mounted vehicle was destroyed.

Other terrorist group were targeted in Kansaba town, their vehicle mounted with a machine gun was destroyed, at least 4 terrorists were terminated.

Latakia Countryside
Latakia Countryside

Syrian Air Forces were still roaming the skies over the region until the evening.

Syrians are still waiting for the ‘humanitarian bastards‘ response to the Human Rights Watch report confirming FSA terrorists committed heinous crimes against humanity in Latakia countryside, seems we’ll be waiting long or maybe we already know the reaction of the western powers: more aid to these terrorists. (Click here for some wiki).

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